What are your favourite songs




Dedicate this to The Blessed Virgin Mother!





I’m gonna give a wuss response!!! Look I’m a HUGE BEATLES FAN AND I… keep my Sirius on Beatles station pretty much all the time!!! My FAVORITE ALBUM OR SONG! Here goes my Wuss out!!! In general Cause I first got REVOLVER, itt has a SOFT SPOT! Hey it’s also a great album!! But at the Technical Level! Abbey Road is tops! Fave song from the Fab 4!!! Can’t do it! Sometimes a song comes on and people! It’s JUST the song I need to hear!! (-: Hey at least I narrowed it down to the Beatles! I’ve got friends who dig music but all over the map ( I do listen to other bands) it’s just the Beatles… they are my life’s background music…


Nice bold choice! I put the Beatles but I cannot pick a favorite song! Look I Drive my wife NUTS CAUSE… in my car Sirius is well always on the Beatles channel I have soft spot songs but hey I’ll hear JUST THAT RIGHT SONG… today it was I’ll follow the Sun. Cool fact that is the oldest Beatles arrangement recorded TECHNICALLY Paul wrote that when he was… 14! (-:


Am going to my college reunion this month, a time when most of us looked like this:


Obviously lip syncing but still adorable.


Bob Dylan at his best:










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