What are your feelings, regarding Father Corapi?

What are your feelings, regarding Father Corapi’s style or approach? Pease be nice; no personal attacks on Father Corapi! If you believe in tolerance and a need to be charitable, then this belief should apply to everyone, including Father Corapi. I don’t want to know what you think about Father Corapi. I want to know what you think about his “approach” or “style”.

Do you believe that one approach is better than another?

My question here, has to do more with a particular style, or approach and not with any particular person. I have used Father Corapi here as an example, because he and his style is fairly well known.

[FONT=Arial][size=2]I ask this question, because I believe that the truth remains the truth, regardless of style, approach or, the person “telling the truth”….The truth is the truth![/size] [/FONT]

Your thoughts?

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I like Fr Corapi’s approach…in teaching especially the catechism . but he is a bit intense and perhaps some don’t like his directness.

For me a better comparison is say…in apologetics/evangeliztion is

Scott Hahn…educated sincere…knows the faith but tends …at least to me to be like teaching grad students…oh I know…a bit too academic.

Jesse Romero…Hes educated also…but is emotional and more common approach…(my fav)

Now all have truth but according to ones personality and how they learn…which one that would appeal would be the one you would listen too

I hope this post is understood…for me its hard to explain :blush:

My very first “contact” with Fr. Corapi came as I was flipping around the TV one evening. He caught my attention then and has it still…straight up and open…just my my father taught me.


I think I had a hard time explaining my post :blush:

I am sure that there are many here who have a shared experience. Thank you for your post.

I believe Father Corapi is excellent! He is humble; but, not passive. I believe this style fits very well with many men. I also like that he is Catholic and proud of it!

Many people who don’t like him, might feel uncomfortable about the truth. He just tells it like it is. I try to listen to him every day in my office. He makes me think and laugh. He has a very good sense of humor. :extrahappy:

My extremely Protestant, somewhat anti-Catholic father-in-law listens to Father Corapi on Relevant Radio.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone who can command the attention of a Protestant is OK!

Keep it up, Father Corapi, and hopefully the Holy Spirit will use you to bring my FIL home to Rome!

I dont know why…I REALLY want to fart on Corapi…


just kidding. I can imagine a bulls-eye on the top of his head for the target though…:eek:

Having come from a Pentecostal/Evangelical background, I thought Fr. C was right up my alley. I glommed onto him right away. There is no problem understanding him or trying to discern what he is trying to say–he hits you right between the eyes with it, and while you’re trying to get up off the floor, he hits you with it again. I’m just sorry he quit touring.


Catechism of the Catholic Church

1565 Through the sacrament of Holy Orders priests share in the universal dimensions of the mission that Christ entrusted to the apostles. The spiritual gift they have received in ordination prepares them, not for a limited and restricted mission, “but for the fullest, in fact the universal mission of salvation ‘to the end of the earth,’” “prepared in spirit to preach the Gospel everywhere.”

Personally, I love Fr. Corapi’s direct manner.

I can see why it’s not unanimously popular in this age of “sensitivity.” We (speaking of our culture as a whole) no longer seem to want people to speak plainly. We have euphemisms for everything. We believe “the way you say it” is every bit as important as “what you say” … and sometimes even more important. We want to have our hands held and be approached with softness and unconditional positive regard, as though the world is nothing more than a psychiatrist’s comfy couch.

It may be no coincidence that we also, as a society, prefer our male icons to be weak, soft, and even effiminate. We no longer want John Wayne. We want Dr. Phil. Goodbye, Clark Gable. Hello, Ben Affleck. :ehh:

Fr. Corapi is, I believe, true to the nature of men. He speaks the truth directly, yes, but he does it in love, and that’s Biblical. I thank God that the fire and passion of his message is not diminished by a case of the warm fuzzies. We can get that anywhere.

Hello surfinpure,

Very well put, sometimes I wonder what people today would think about the Apostles, if they were to meet them on the street.


Love his style, love his approach, really, really wish I got EWTN 24 hours a day so I could watch his Catechism series. :thumbsup:

also depends on the audience
Jesse Romero is great for youth and young adults, so is Fr. Stan, but a little of their intensity goes a long way for adults. It is very hard to use Fr. Corapi’s videos with kids, or anyone who is recorded giving a straight lecture or didactic address from a lectern, but older adults prefer that straightforward type of presentation for the most part.

For me, nobody beats Fr. Benedict Groeschel

I like him too…:slight_smile:

I don’t find him inspiring. He’s dedicated and he means well, but his style does not inspire me. I sense a lack of compassion in his evangelization. Still, he’s done immensely good work in defending the faith and strengthening the Church.

I liken Fr. Corapi to espresso with no sugar- direct and to the point, an intense dose which sometimes you need. Fr Groeschel is more like an espresso with a pack or two of sugar, still direct but with a bit more sweetness which might be better for everyday consumption.

I listen to the readings and homily on ewtn a lot and really liked the homilies Fr. Angelus gave, very much like Fr. Corapi and just what I needed to hear at the time, God loves you, go to confession, and get back to church :smiley: When i really want to have something sweet I like the homilies by Fr. Mark Mary I think is his name. He speaks very gently and sounds so kind that some people may think he is boring but I like his style. Listening to him is like having a cappuccino in a sunny cafe very relaxing. :thumbsup:

Quite descriptive!

I myself like the tough, no-nonsense approach. If there was more of it, the very concept of Truth would not be in such doubt.

I agree with the posts that hail Fr. Corapi’s forthright manner. Thank God for Relevant Radio broadcasting this good priest’s message daily.

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