What are your God given gifts?


There are some of us that were blessed with God given talents and gifts they can give to the world or their church…for the longest time I just couldn’t think of any that I was blessed with:(
Now I volunteer at a homeless shelter once or twice a month cooking and serving hot lunch , I am very shy so getting up in front of large groups of people would just about make me see double :blush: I have prayed for the Lord to help me decide if becoming a Eucharistic minister would be something that I had talent for, my prayers were answered in a most unusual way…a friend of mine was getting married and asked if I would help with communion? so I start classes next month.
Do you know what your God given talent is? have you shared in with others?


Mine is singing. I try to be very careful not to get puffed up about it, but I’m not perfect. I’ve noticed that whenever I start getting to thinking that it’s me that has the voice and not God, I get a cold or something prevents me from singing. I had a sore throat for almost all of February and March and couldn’t sing. Now I sing mainly at Church and that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I just need to always remember that the gift is for others and not for me.


I have a strong voice, and I sing reasonably well, though not great by any stretch, so I sing in the choir. However, God has blessed me with being very theatrical in my reading, and being able to get in front of large crowds and not get all knotted up. In fact, I am more comfortable talking to groups of people far more than one-on-one, when I tend to be terribly shy. A lot of people fear being up in front of people, but because I can do this, then I have been blessed to be asked to lead rosaries, Divine Mercy programs, etc. I used to do stand-up comedy and other things, which I enjoyed, but now I am happiest when I use my gift to spread God’s message. I, as a person, can do nothing. It is only God that can use me to do good.


Mine is writing. I am in the process of writing a Catholic novel for young people. I have also written blogs to protest the Freedom of Choice Act.



I was ‘blessed’ with the voice of a dying toad, so my gift to humanity is that I sing as quietly as possible.

I used to think God blessed me with above average intelligence and great common sense. But after 30+ years, my wife has long since convinced me that I am really a blithering idiot, and I can’t tie my shoes without her detailed instructions and constant prodding.

After much thought, I’m now beginning to believe my wife when she says, I’m totally useless, except for opening the front door for her because she never remembers to bring her house keys. :stuck_out_tongue:

My best talent now is, I can fall asleep under even the most difficult of circumstances, like important meetings or conferences at work, while the wife is shopping, in a car, while the wife is lecturing me about something, etc, AND I can snore louder than most loud speakers or microphones. Have you ever woken yourself up with your own snoring ?? I can do so frequently, THAT takes real talent. :smiley:


WCKNIGHT~I will keep your marriage in my prayers

I have a hard time recognising my own…
Is it okay if I recognise some of the talents of those around me?
my moms God given talent is cooking, she is probably the best cook in the entire world, no kidding!

my dh GGT’s are science and problem solving–he is just SUPER smart

DD can make peace any time she see’s a fight no matter how many are fighting and no matter what their age(s)

Tthis list could go on forever, I’m gonna leave it at this for now :slight_smile:


LOL! I can certainly relate with a lot of this! Before I started sleeping with a CPAP machine, I snored so loud that my wife wouldn’t hardly sleep in the same room with me. One time, I was taking a nap when someone knocked on the door. I answered and it was a man who said, “Can you keep it down in there? I’m trying to use my weedeater and I can’t even hear it!” (o.k., that may be a SLIGHT exxageration, but not much!):smiley:


We actually have a petty good marrige (so far). My DW just teases me when I forget something or do something really stupid.

I’m a pretty good problem solver as well. God gave me a fairly logical mind which has helped me get through college with a math degree and has served me well in the IT field. I have a knack for coming up with some great ideas, usually in the charity fund raising area.

I don’t think I have any super star qualities. There used to be a time when I thought I would come up with something fantastic, like a great invention or do something incredible, and really make a name for myself. But I’ve become content with being moderately successful both on the job and at home.

The biggest thing we’ve done, is manage to raise 3 great kids, not perfect, but very smart and successful in their own way.


Not to take anything away from any of the parish or diocesan volunteers, whom I admire. But I have long thought my main gifts are:

(a) Raising children who are willing to have children and raise them in the faith. So far, so good there.
(b) Doing my regular job and giving money to the Church, that I earn doing it. I think I’m a lot better at my occupation than I ever would be at, e.g., teaching CCD or singing in the choir. I’m certainly better trained at it. I have a feeling there are a fair number of people like me.

I have long thought, however, that if I ever get too old to do my job effectively, (or hit the lottery, of which there is little chance since I don’t play it) I would like to take care of the church and school lawns. I do know how to grow and mow.


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