What are your options about sabaton?


I love sabaton music, especially, when they sing the battles and tell stories about what people did in the past both good and bad. I hope they make a song that helps being awareness to veteran suicide like he’ll and back. But I would not recommend some of their songs like burn your crosses. It’s very anti-christian and clear as day. But what do you think do you like them or not. Why. Finally, what’s your favorite song they made. My is the Last Stand.



I think their rise to being the biggest band in power metal is a bit much, but I still like them. They’ve put out some really fantastic songs, especially from The Art of War onward, though I am one of those blasphemers who really didn’t like Carolus Rex. Even getting past the fact that it’s rather lackluster as a concept album, most of the songs just didn’t stand out well on their own for me. Beyond that and their pre-Primo Victoria days, I’ve mostly enjoyed what they have and like their ability to capture the various battles and historical events that they cover.

My personal favorite songs from them are “No Bullets Fly”, “7734” (from Heroes), and “Last Dying Breath”. It’s hard to narrow it down to just three, though, because most albums tend to have 4 - 5 really fantastic songs.



“Winged Hussars” about the Battle of Vienna.



What is “sabaton?”



A Swedish power metal band. An example of their songs, mentioned above, is “The Last Stand” which is found in Youtube.



To expand on this: Unlike most power metal, they tend to focus on historical events rather than fantasy or sci-fi, which is a bit unique for the genre. Most of their songs are about war, famous battles, and soldiers, but they occasionally delve into other topics, like how the aforementioned “Burn Your Crosses” is a song about the Renaissance.

They’re also pretty approachable as far as the genre goes. Their songs tend to be on the simpler and catchier side.

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There are many threads about Heavy Metal music.

I always chime in and try to spread awareness about



I’ve been a huge power metal fan for 25 years, but I just can’t get into Sabaton. I never even heard of them until Van Canto covered their song “Primo Victoria” (even including the Sabaton vocalist as a guest vocalist on the song, which I didn’t realize at first). That song was always my least favorite song on that Van Canto album. Then I discovered it was a Sabaton song and that the other vocalist was actually the guy from Sabaton. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t care for his voice.

Now, looking at other places on the internet, it seems they are one of the biggest power metal acts out there today with people putting them on par with Blind Guardian. I feel like I dropped out of the loop in a major way to miss how that happened. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Thanks. For more details, one can see more details about the album from which the song was taken here. In this case, the song refers to last stand of the Swiss Guard during the Sack of Rome in 1527. The fan-made music video of the song, though, shows Crusaders, of which the video maker is aware.



My brother actually thinks Joakim is the best vocalist in power metal. However, my brother also isn’t a huge fan of how most power metal vocalists tend to stick to the higher ranges, and he finds Joakim’s vocals a nice change of pace. Personally, I’m indifferent, but I do think Joakim is far more suited for the style and subject than the guy Civil War started with. Then again, I’m not a huge fan of Nils Patrik Johansson in general.

Yeah, it’s something I’m not really in line with. Sabaton might be good, but they’re nowhere near Blind Guardian levels of good.

However, I can sort of see why they rose to the prominence that they did. They’re a relatively new band (though by this point are established), have no clear connections to past major bands, offered a unique lyrical topic (for the genre), and have pretty consistently put out albums that at least their fans would love. They’re also very approachable for the genre. As much as I love Blind Guardian, their music probably sounds very chaotic to those outside the genre. Sabaton’s music is, in comparison, much simpler and catchier, which gives them a bit of a wider appeal.

I’ve just come to accept that anything related to Sabaton that’s fan-made will probably butcher things in some ways.

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It’s probably a three-way tie for favorite song for me: Ghost Division (the first song that hooked me and I just love the fury of it), The Last Stand (for epic Catholicism), and Carolus Rex (both due to my Swedish ancestry and because of how I first experienced it).

About a week before the Carolus Rex album was released, Sabaton played in my hometown. They introduced Carolus Rex (the song) as one from their upcoming album and I remember being blown away by it right away (love that chorus). Due to my good fortune of being friends with the show’s promoter, I got to spend the evening hanging out with the band. At 2am, Joakim brought us onto the tourbus and played the entire unreleased album for us, while giving commentary about each song.

Not surprisingly, it remains my favorite Sabaton album to this day. They are definitely one of my favorite power metal bands, in no small part because of how unique they are compared to the rest of the genre.

I was also already a big fan of Tommy Johansson’s projects (ReinXeed, Golden Resurrection, even Swedish Hitz Goes Metal), so it was an added bonus when he joined Sabaton in 2016.

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: See, I love him in Wuthering Heights. “Far from the Madding Crowd” is one of my favorite power metal albums. I always thought they were very underrated. I haven’t listened to Civil War, though.

It’s possible I haven’t given Sabaton a fair shake. Sometimes a first impression will put me off, but I’ll eventually come around. The first Savatage album I got was that way. Once I forced myself through it a few more times, they became one of my favorites. Maybe I should try Sabaton again.

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I didn’t realize Tommy Johansson had joined up with Sabataon. Cool. I love Swedish Hitz Goes Metal. It’s hard for me to decide whether or not I prefer his version of Money, Money, Money to Charisma’s though. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t listened to Wuthering Heights. I just know him through Civil War and Astral Doors, and even at that I haven’t listened to much. I could potentially see him pulling off some of the eccentric characters Tobias Sammet has made for Avantasia, but I don’t think he’s worked in the songs I’ve heard.

Just a tip, Sabaton improved considerably on The Art of War, and while they’ve perhaps stagnated a bit post-Coat of Arms, they’ve maintained their quality. Primo Victoria is also a decent album with a couple of their best songs, but I’ve never been able to get into their music before then.

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Joe, by missing out on Sabaton, you’ve missed out on the greatest misheard lyric in our genre!

Panzer Battalion became Handsome Italian. Fans can’t listen to the song without hearing ‘Death in the shape of a handsome Italian’ :rofl:

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Too funny. “Cannot outrun our handsome Italian.” :rofl: You’re right, though. I will never be able to listen to that song without hearing that.

I have loved misheard lyrics ever since “Death is the first dancing turtle.” :grin:

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The thing is, if I’m not watching a video like that, I never hear “handsome Italian”. I have, however, had my own misheard lyrics in the past, but none that are too memorable once I figure out the actual lyrics.

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Joe, give Gott Mit Uns a try. The chorus is gang vocals and some of the verses are Joakim singing with an effect that makes his voice different. On the whole, a relatively low percentage of the song is just him singing his normal vocals.

The song is about the Battle of Breitenfeld. A little wikipedia text for song context:

“It was the Protestants’ first major victory of the Thirty Years War. The victory confirmed Sweden’s Gustavus Adolphus of the House of Vasa as a great tactical leader and induced many Protestant German states to ally with Sweden against the German Catholic League, led by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, and the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II.”



Personally, the only reason I really listen to anything from Carolus Rex is due to their cover of Amon Amarth’s “Twilight of the Thunder God”:

I just struggle to get into the album, but I find this cover to be as enjoyable as the original. It takes a more epic approach compared to Amon Amarth’s grim and brutal tone, but it’s still really enjoyable.

Edit: Just realized that their cover’s song title has a typo. Amon Amarth’s uses “Thunder God” rather than “Thundergod”. I’m keeping the Amon Amarth title.

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You won’t be surprised by this if you know that I don’t like harsh vocals, but I just heard Amon Amarth’s original version for the first time yesterday. It popped up on one of the metal channels on my SiriusXM satellite radio (that by itself was surprising). I got about halfway through it and had to change the channel - hate those vocals. I’ll stick with the Sabaton cover version :grin:

I just can’t stand it when more than about 1/4 of the vocals are harsh, so I max at, oh, right around Amaranthe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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