What Are Your Plans For Christmas Eve And Christmas Day?

This is just a fun question to see how we all spend christmas eve and christmas day!

What will you be eating? Are you visiting family/friends? Are you attending mass? Are you volunteering at a soup kitchen?

Merry christmas everyone

Christmas Eve = me working 7p-7a and my husband staying home watching TV (or whatever else he wants to do)

When I get home on Christmas morning, I will shower and dress for Mass. After Mass, we will head to my in-laws’ house for lunch (a variety of Mexican foods) and a white elephant gift exchange. I don’t think we have any plans after that. We might go see The Hobbit if I’m not too tired.

I just got back from the anticipated Christmas Mass. Had lunch out with family. We would be eating there again tomorrow with a few more people. I would have wanted to read the Catholic books I ordered for these days, but they haven’t arrived yet.

What books did you order fin?

Just us and our 2 sons tomorrow. We’re still deciding what Mass to attend. Hubby is lobbying for Mass tonight; I want to go tomorrow. We have gone to Vigil Mass for years, we started it when the kids were smaller and it was less crowded and less hectic to go the night before. But now I’d like to get the actual holiday on the Holy Day. So that’s still up in the air.

We’re having roast beef, mashed potatoes, green peas, a tossed salad, and gluten free biscuits.

The boys have bought presents for each other but hubby and I don’t exchange gifts any more. We thought we were going to be out of the state for Christmas so we’ll just be happy not to be traveling or away from home.

I’ll make my rounds early. Then a religious service. Then an early holiday dinner, with a table cloth, and provided by the US taxpayer. Check in on a couple patients. We are 13.5 hours ahead of the west coast of the US. I’ll spend the evening calling and skyping family and friends. Do rounds again, mainly to cheer people up. Hopefully, work will be quiet. I am on call. So, these plans may change. I’m feeling lonely. The remedy for that is to FICA on connecting with others, and lifting their spirits.

May God bless you, Doctor. I hope your day is very peaceful. I wish I could personally serve you Christmas dinner.

That is a very generous sentiment, Juliane. Thanks, so much. And, Merry Christmas.

We are going to my sister in law’s house tonight to spend time with husband’s family, then coming back for Midnight Mass tonight.

Tomorrow will go to my mother’s with husband and my pug dogs to spend Christmas Day.

I ordered Church Militant Field Manual, Hero’s Journey by Fr. Robert Sirico, Prayers for the souls in purgatory by Susan Tassone, The Temperament God God you by Art Bennett, Many are Called by Gabrielle Gniewek. I am excited to read these in the new year.

Today I am working until 3:00 pm and my husband is home with a list of things I’d like him to pack in the cooler to take with us.

We are going to mass with his parents at 5:00 and then dinner with them. If my brother’s car is not fixed today, we are then driving the really long way around to get to my mother’s place for the night at the farm. If his car is fixed, we’ll have a shorter drive.

Christmas Day my sister will arrive at the farm after being on call all night on the 24th. We have invited a friend over for dinner. My sister was sad that she would miss the stockings etc, so on the 25th, we will hang our stockings and open presents on the morning of the 26th. Have our Christmas brunch and then in the afternoon, most of us have to go home to get back to work on the 27th.


I mentioned to a college friend that we need a dialysis machine. I had a venomous snake bite which nearly died from renal failure. Some types of trauma can also overwhelm the kidneys.

My friend made a few calls, and a privately purchased machine is on the way. It’s coming from Germany.

Haha. I wonder what the response will be if we call the manufacturer and request a service call.


Do it. I dare ya.


Fantastic about getting the machine!!! :love::love::bowdown2:

My in laws are coming over for an early Christmas Eve dinner. Then we will take a nap before heading to midnight mass. Probably sleep until 8 or 9 (depends on how knocked out the kids are from mass ;)) Once we open presents we will make the 2 hour drive to my brother’s house to see my family and have Christmas dinner.

Just The Husband and me this year. My elderly parents are on another continent, and we didn’t see the point of asking my MIL to come up (she lives on the other side of the country from us) because I’m running all over the place today and tomorrow.

I started Christmas Eve with sacristan duty for a 9am Mass at SC with one of our resident priests, Fr. B2. Afterwards The Husband and I went to pick up our dinner for tonight (I didn’t have time to prepare anything myself): a couple of platters of hors d’oeuvres from which we will start indulging around 9pm. Before then, I have sacristan and vesting duty for the 7pm Vigil at SC with my pastor, Fr. B. This is the first of three Christmas Masses I will serve with my pastor (our parish has six priests, four of whom are celebrating at least one of our eight Christmas Masses, but Fr. B has insisted I prepare all of his). We’re expecting 800 people.

After I get home, I’ll have a couple of hours to eat and rest before heading to SV with The Husband for Midnight Mass, where I have vesting duty. We should be home between 1:30am and 2:00am. Not sure if we’ll take the time to exchange gifts at that point or the next day, since I’ll be out the door again by 9:00am to perform sacristan and vesting duty at the 10:30am Mass at SC so I really need to get some sleep. Once again, we’re expecting 800 people.

I should be home from that Mass at noon-ish, at which point I’ll start cooking dinner: rabbit braised in Christmas beer and scalloped potatoes with Maroilles. A simple salad rounds out the meal, while a chocolate buttercream bûche de Noël finishes it off.

Whatever else we do on Christmas Day depends upon how knackered I am from all this activity. :o

God bless you all this Christmas!

My husband and I will travel about 70 miles to my sisand bro in law’s place, close family has a dinner of pot luck, we get all the kids small gifts and enjoy their company and play. The entire crew of non catholics go with me to Midnight Mass at a nearby air force base. They don’t understand the Mass, but always have lots of questions afterward as we stand around the kitchen having late nite snacks at 2 a.m. We spend the night in our matching pjs! and then come home to our place on Christmas Day. We will pray for all our soldiers, eban and thank you for your service. Your friends on Cahtolic Answers will be with you in spirit.

One last carol service tonight (this will I think be the fifth one I’ve attended this year) then meet the family tomorrow before going to Mass at a rather high church parish. After that, roast turkey dinner and plenty of red wine!

Christmas Eve:
I drove to the farm at 5 am to give my horse his medicine.
Then I worked from 6-10 am.
Put on my makeup, am now eating a huge lunch (because there likely won’t be much I can eat tonight).
When Lane’s boyfriend gets off work (hopefully no later than 2:30), we’re all driving to Ushi’s apartment to have our “immediate family” gift exchange.
Then we’ll drive to Louisville to have supper/gift exchange with the inlaws.
When we get back (probably between 11 and midnight), I promised Ushi I’d go with her to the farm to give our horse his evening meds (I do mornings, she does evenings).

Christmas Day:
Up early to drive to the farm with meds.
Ushi is going to her MIL’s for Christmas dinner, Lane is going to her boyfriend’s house.
I’m going to stay home and light my Advent candles, and meditate.
Then I’m going to nap and read and web surf and watch TV and eat. :smiley:
And since Ushi won’t be back until late, I’m taking her evening shift with the horse.


being a seminarian its important for me to serve mass so I am serving 3 masses at our Cathedral 4pm 10pm and 10 am 2 with the bishop. Then my entire family and hopefully future family will go see les miserables in theaters then come home have Christmas dinner then open gifts. Busy day starting in about an hour :smiley:

Its christmas day! Im about to eat breakfast tortillas, watch a little tv, open some gifts and eat candy,

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