What are your refutations for THIS forum thread?

What are your refutations for all they say in this forum thread?

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Thank you.

I find that their source is extremely sketchy. They have nothing that cites anything, no external resources, no books.

Plus they repeatedly talk about the “historical Jesus”. Well if they acknowledge that he indeed lived and there are plenty of historical figures that say he was alive during that time (read the book “The Case for Christ” by Lee Stroebel), then what is their argument based on?

I say, once I see reputable citations, I won’t trust anything I see.

Depends. Forums that are under the heading of: ‘My God Can Beat the Sh*t Out of Your God’ (from the website) are generally not going to be fertile grounds for true learning. Folks there are usually there to make points they do not have show support for.

Are you asking because you would like to contribute to that thread? Or are you asking because you are struggling and looking for answers and want to know how a Catholic would respond?

The very first post in the thread referenced is from a totally ignorant and biased person. He (she) writes, “we actually know that the whole thing was fabricated…”

We know what was fabricated? The fact that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, yet falls on a date that was originally a pagan holiday? So what?

He seems to think that we actually believe December 25 to be a “de fide” factual birth date of the Savior. Please.

As Catholics, we believe those things that were witnessed by the Apostles and passed down to us. The other elements that we incorporate into our worship system may have similarities with pagan practices, or even take their origins from such non-Christian practices, but that does not negate the truth of Christianity.

I’m tired of know-it-alls who smugly announce that they follow the “spirit” of Christianity – and the 10 Commandments – yet make themselves the authority when it comes to other things that they don’t care for.

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