What are your suggestions for the cleanest kids shows?

I ordered Veggie Tales for my 3 year old niece today but wondering what some other good Christian/Catholic programming would be for the baby girl. Suggestions appreciated!

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You’re pretty safe with anything marketed to children up until about 10 years ago.

After that, watch it yourself, first.

PBS programs, the programs on Formed.org, classic Looney Tunes or Flintstones.

I love Veggie Tales.
You may be able to find reruns of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood some places. And Daniel Tiger seems to be around, as a spin off of the neighborhood. I expect that is safe, though I haven’t seen it.

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Classic Looney Tunes were written for adults and have a lot of adult content, they just rely on kids not knowing enough to catch on.

And the Flintstones was one of the reasons parent groups of the 60s started getting really worried about cartoons, which isn’t surprising since it was a lighter version of the honeymooners (a show made famous for a catchphrase about spousal abuse). There is a substantial difference between the original prime time Flintstones series and any of the later series made specifically for kids.

My two year old watches Daniel Tiger. I can’t imagine anything in there offending anyone. It’s not religious, but all the episodes are about pretty universal stuff (sharing, being kind, calming down, trying new foods) that no parent of whatever religion is going to object to.

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A while back I was looking into the history of free speech and television and cartoons and kids shows are an unexpectedly large part of that history. Among other things I found the following rules of thumb:

  1. If it’s not made for kids 6 and below it’s not actually made for kids at all.

  2. Indecency has a hazy definition and is determined reactively, not proactively.

  3. Parent advocacy groups are sometimes helpful but tend to have tunnel vision.

  4. Trying to stamp out all the bad stuff in kids shows destroys a lot of good along with the bad.

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You think a three year old is going to watch a documentary on Padrio Pio? Seriously?

Wild Kratts is a good show. It is an animal/nature cartoon, not religious and maybe not for a 3 year old but its great for kids in my opinion.


Thank you very much for your replies! I sure loved Mr. Rogers show when I was little.
I watched a very creepy video about Hollywood and the entertainment industry posted by a user on LifeSite Connect and it wasn’t much I didn’t already know but it was still very disturbing. It made me start thinking “What can we help the little ones watch that isn’t trauma inducing!” It’s disturbing that I have to specifically seek healthy programming but I’ve got my weapon too, I’ve got my rosary!

I think it is worth remembering that at a young age everything, even good lessons, can lead kids astray. They simply don’t have the experience to properly contextualize lessons. Even things like ‘say your prayers’ or ‘don’t talk to strangers’ can and will be misapplied.

So while I think ‘what is safe?’ is a good question, something being safe isn’t the same thing as not needing parental guidance.

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