What are your thoughts on Christian memes?


Do you think they are funny, disrespectful, or meh?


I think it depends a great deal on the meme. I have seen some on facebook that are hilarious and don’t strike me as irreverent. I can also easily imagine that there are memes out there that are sacrilegious or blasphemous.


I like them.


Deus vult. We will take Jerusalem.


Deus lo vult, please. :smirk:


If they are good, I like them. But some are a bit too…fancy for me. I don´t like this fancy youth culture buddy jesus images.



hoping to see some good ones on this thread.


images (11)


There is one person on this forum (Cruciferi?) who consistently posts funny memes in the middle of hot button threads.
I LOL frequently and appreciate the effort.


I find some funny and others disrespectful or damaging. The disrespectful ones are those that poke fun at saints and the damaging ones are those that snipe at other Christians in an unloving way. But that is simply my personal opinion.


For fellow computer scientists / programmers.




These ones made me laugh:




We (seminarians) use them all the time at the seminary. Sometimes even to describe each other. :sunglasses:


I’ll probably be alone in this, but I find this hilarious.


Meh. I don’t find most memes funny. When memes reach to forums like this, they tend to be extremely outdated and it makes me cringe.

Religious memes in general…depends on what it is. Some can be utterly disrespectful.

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