What Are Your Thoughts on the American Solidarity Party?

A political party whose focus is on “the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility for the environment, and the possibility of a more peaceful world"

The American Solidarity Party is a fairly new political party based on Christian Democratic parties in Europe and Catholic social teaching that has been gaining some steam in the last few months. Currently, they only have a candidate for the President of the United States and have officially gained ballot access in Colorado with hopes to soon have ballot access in Louisiana and Florida. The hope is to gain interest in the party now and start gaining various political offices in 2018 and 2020 elections.

I invite you to check out their website, look at their platform, and share your thoughts on this new political party - is this a party you could get behind?



The political position of the American Solidarity Party is socially conservative and economically distributist.

Just as a summary.

Therefore, the ASP holds to socially conservative views such as adhering to a pro-life position with regard to abortion, capital punishment and euthanasia, as well as opposition to same-sex marriage and opposition to pornography.

Yes, good; it has mostly traditional, Christianity-compatible views, although capital punishment is debatable. Either way, capital punishment isn’t a matter of voting.

With regard to economics, labor issues and foreign policy, the American Solidarity Party is liberal, seeing the “moderate welfare state as the public expression of every citizen’s responsibility for his poor brother or sister.”

Ooh… you lost me.

It is not the State’s responsibility to care for your neighbor, it is your responsibility. The State might express compassion, and that’s great, but the State has its own issues. Also, if it is “distributist,” that probably means something like 90% taxes on the rich (who earned that money). It is up to the rich to be philanthropists, not big government.

How would a welfare state not get abused, especially in the US? Look at some of the examples of refugees in parts of welfare-stated Europe abusing their privileges! Even in the US, citizens sometimes choose to abuse government programs. It might be hard to find a balance between giving deserving, good people workfare (welfare under the condition that they work, are trained, or try to find work) and between giving random people welfare. See these two reputable sources:

“5 Government Programs That Abuse Taxpayers’ Money” (The Fiscal Times): thefiscaltimes.com/2015/02/12/5-Government-Programs-Abuse-Taxpayer-s-Money

“Yes America, Your Fellow Citizens DO Abuse Federal Aid Programs” (Forbes):forbes.com/sites/carrielukas/2012/10/02/yes-america-your-fellow-citizens-do-abuse-federal-aid-programs/#c7413fa3d2d3

Yet Americans shouldn’t make the mistake of ignoring how aid programs can be abused. Sadly, a not-insignificant portion of those receiving benefits do exploit assistance programs. This more than just wastes taxpayer dollars and leaves less for those who truly need it; perhaps most importantly, it enables a dependency that might be temporarily attractive, but limits someone’s life prospects and chances for long-term fulfillment. (Latter article)

As for foreign policy, we don’t need to get involved in everyone else’s business (Middle East wars, for example) without reasonable cause. If our ally was attacked, sure; if we were, most certainly! It’s not the communist era anymore. The Truman Doctrine is dead.

I could totally get behind this party,
Although I don’t fully understand the economic part of the platform.
And I notice they don’t advocate “fortifying” our borders, Seems as though we have to do something to stem the tide of illegal immigration. I say this although I married an illegal immigrant 20-some years ago.

Their platform seems eminently sane and Christian, which makes me think it might not succeed in this country. Seems as if we are bent on supporting non-Christian ideals.
I would be interested in others’ opinions.


One way to get some traction is for them to run Michael Jordan as their Presidential nominee as it appears race relations with the police is a primary focus. Michael Jordan has come out forcefully on the need to respect law enforcement as well as the emphasis on people of color’s needs being ignored in the inner city. If the Solidarity Party can address both sides of the equation effectively they could draw from both sides of the aisle…provided of course they can gain access to more that a couple states.

It sounds more like a charity than political party. :ehh:

“The ASP advocates the replacement of privately-funded health insurance with a decentralized ‘single-payer’ system.”

Bye bye.

Seems like if the Church made a clear and unwavering stand on the issues, second party flak takers wouldn’t be necessary. It is a detraction from the key debaters of the issues. Now the media will say, “the party’s spokesman says that the Vatican …”. If the population takes any seriousness at what the Pope may officially say now, expect even less from any mouth piece party born out in the U.S.

If Mafia thugs can be excommed at a distance(!!! bans??? :eek:) under a barrage of angry protest, how does a steady stream of murders, perpetrated under corrupt legislation less deserving of the same response of outrage.

At least they are bonehead thugs, not conniving, easily bought,self interested civil officials who claim to work as God’s Divine authority.

Definitely not the Church I remember.

Thanks for the early round thoughts. I can get behind this party but as some of you have pointed out, there are some policies that are not entirely clear and I don’t exactly agree with what is stated. However, this is a brand new party and the kinks and wordings are still being worked out. If you are intrigued by this party and their platform, I encourage you to seek them out and provide your thoughts, ask for clarity and perhaps a clearer platform can be defined.

Either way, it is intriguing.

This party seems to be more in tune with Catholic teachings than any other. I may well write in their candidate. They are much akin to a Christian Democratic Party.

Even if you disagreed with economic stance of the party, would you still vote for it solely based on its pro-life policies? Certainly they seem amongst the most consistently pro-life parties I’ve seen, even the Republican party is somewhat wishy-washy on the issue.

Someday perhaps. But not in this election. I intend to vote for candidates who actually have a chance of winning.

I have to confess this is my current dilemma. I’ve been reading about the ASP for a little while now and they are clearly the most in sync with Catholic Teaching. If I were voting strictly according to ideals, I think I should vote for this party. And btw they are a legit write in now in most states. If you check their website, there are instructions. However what is giving me terrible angst is the concern for who will nominate the next SCOTUS judges.

What does a vote for a 3rd party actually do? I thought I had to vote Trump because I thought he was the only pro-life candidate. But it turns out there’s the ASP and one or two other tiny “3rd” parties that have a pro-life position on their platforms.

And isn’t a vote for Trump/Pence really a vote for the Republican platform/agenda/etc? (For good and for bad). (I.e. I’m not so distraught about his personal life and his temper; I’m more concerned about stance on issues and who will work w/ the winner.) I am SO upset about this election. I’ve come to think that no matter what I do it will be somewhat a sin because even my best choices aren’t ones I can make with conviction. I feel like I am just helping to perpetuate a farce. I am really grieving for our country, our culture. But that too is a sin if I don’t take action to claim true trust in God! I dare not despair!

I think this election is making it all the clearer to me that there is a spiritual battle going on and it’s pervasive. So while I continue to pray for guidance about how to vote, I am praying mostly for the Lord to give all of us who know and follow Christ courage. I am praying that the Lord will give us courage and grace to be faithful at each little step, even when we don’t know exactly where it will lead. Jesu juva!

If I vote for Trump;
1 I believe this is an unpredictable year in politics and he may just win (25% chance)
2 I believe there is a 90% chance he will appoint 1-3 pro-life judges, possibly saving millions of lives over their tenure. Also possibly millions more by stopping Clinton from funding abortion around the world.
So there is a reasonable, but improbable chance millions could be saved.

If I vote American Solidarity party;

  1. There is a .00001% chance the American Solidarity Party wins
  2. There is a chance Trump looses the election because pro-life voters vote 3rd party en-mass. (Bush defeated Gore by less than 600 votes in Florida…and so won the election because of a 3rd party candidate)
    So there is no realistic chance my vote would help save any lives, and a slim chance my vote would help cost millions of lives.Why not just write in my own name? It would have the same effect.

To me voting 3rd party is like throwing a hundred drowning people a hundred tooth picks instead of one football. While they all drown, I can pat myself on the back and say I tried to help all 100 of them; At the same time realizing I possibly could have done something to actually save one life.

I for one think that ASP is a good idea, but a lot of the stuff mentioned earlier (especially Obamacare-type healthcare) is … iffy. I think capitalism is, left unfettered, soulless and disgusting, but I also think that it works and has for 250 years. Distributism seems nice enough, but how do you implement that sort of thing knowing that people are going to be corrupt sometimes?

I honestly think a third-party vote would be worth it just for the extra exposure ASP would get with the votes. Step One: cap 100K. Step Two: cap 1M. Step Three: Cap 5% of the nationwide vote and be eligible to receive funds from the Election Commission.

Also, ASP has some serious branding issues. Honestly, I do not like that logo.

Also, I have a signature.

I tried to get a moral, ethical pro-life candidate nominated by participating in the caucuses.
My choice at that time was not Trump.

But we now face the probability of having the most pro-abortion politician ever appointing 3 Supreme court justices, Along with pressuring other countries to provide abortion, even partial-birth abortion. Real lives are at stake, and not just a few.

I will vote to limit this evil.
I will not vote for someone who has no chance of winning, so I can feel good about myself.
Millions are dying, now.

I will vote for Trump, and hold my nose.

Amen. I pray this for my son and any future children, and myself and my husband, so that we may set the example.

The American Solidarity party’s stances have been used in places like Germany. I have a professors who became convinced after he saw when his German in laws got to retire. He is also quick to point out West Germany had the best economy in the world until they had to take on East Germany.

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