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Specifically this tidbit?

According to surveys by the Guttmacher Institute, 73 percent of women who have had abortions indicated they did so because they couldn’t afford a baby. Women facing unexpected pregnancies need affordable housing, health care, jobs and supportive communities. While churches can meet some of those needs directly, we can’t meet all of them. But we can advocate for policies to ensure necessary solutions. If we won’t do that, we aren’t effectively speaking up for the unborn babies whose very lives depend on having these supports in place.

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If only there was a support system that people could voluntarily enter into, that would allow people to work as a team, cut expenses in half from what they’d otherwise be if everyone was living solo, and increase their chances of life success…


Something like marriage. Wherein a man and a woman enter into a union for mutual support. They should not engage in marital relations until such a support system is in place.


Just saying, women would only be facing “unexpected” pregnancies if they engaged in fornication (except in the rare case of rape). Abortion is not about choice, it’s about escaping the consequences of your bad choices. But, there are many great charitable pregnancy help organizations out there that help struggling mothers without ending a human life.


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Domestic Violence?

Happy Thanksgiving, how was the food? You live in Kansas right, any special foods for Thanksgiving?

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What if it’s traced to a bad family background like people born to generational poverty or dysfunctional families? Can you blame someone if they’re set up to fail or it sheds light and provides context?

But, there are many great charitable pregnancy help organizations out there that help struggling mothers without ending a human life.

And they do great work, but how would you respond to criticism that they’re established in the backdrop of greater structural and systemic issues in society like generational poverty, an economy that makes it hard to support families (like the rising necessity of dual income families due to living costs) and broken systems like school systems and child welfare? Realizing I may be diverging with the school systems (though I feel like in some areas, it seems necessary to provide support for students like a safe haven but those are the very areas with overcrowded class sizes with disproportionate issues like poverty and more)?

Casserole, I love the ones that my Godparents bring it every year and it’s a favorite for me, are you a ban? Hope your knee gets better.

The Guttmacher Institute is a arm of Planned Parenthood, and, to say the very least, unreliable on the subject of abortion.

I would like to hear an answer to this: Any of you out there who has tried to talk women out of an abortion, what have you heard? For myself, I have mostly heard women tell me they are frightened that their boyfriends will leave if they don’t agree to an abortion.

it seems few young men out there are looking forward to a lifetime of child custody payments,.



Cohabitation is similar and widespread, so there’s more to it than that.

So it seems it’s either her not being able to afford a child or he doesn’t want to or can’t afford a child?

And, I believe about 30 -40% of women seeking abortion are married, many with several children already.

What’s needed is a complete system that will help these women. A bag of diapers here and a free checkup there are helpful…a little. It’s a full system that will address these women that’s needed and charities just can’t do all this.


We deceive ourselves. Ask any parent of a large family if they thought they would have enough to get by. Then ask if God knew their needs and provided for them. Did any starve to death?

It is an utterly false and self-deceiving argument.


and to add, almost 60 percent of women have one or several children.

So, they are not all youngs and unmmaried women…

Support system should also support the existing families who face the welcoming an another (unplanned or not) child.

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I agree that we find a way to fit in another or first child but that’s after the fact. Once pregnant, a woman (and/or spouse) often goes into panic mode thinking about all the costs of having a child. My husband and I did even though we planned him! It’s a reality check that children ARE very expensive and often can’t see how they’ll ever do it. Just telling them, they’ll find a way…often isn’t heard over the panic attack!


The abortion impulse is deceptive and I believe that it is incited by the deceiver. He loses the babies, but gains many of the parents, and that is OK with him.

Abortion rises or falls according with how much we trust God to provide.

Do we trust God?


Happy Thanksgiving!
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Obviously, millions of women and/or their spouses don’t.

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Agree. Worked for years in the pro life world and this is a fact.


I sidewalk counseled for years. I’ve heard it all.

We do need supportive services, we can love them both.

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