What are your thoughts on this piece?


What are your thoughts on this opinion piece in today’s Grauniad, it seems really inflammatory to me and I’m not Catholic.


Meh. The medical profession can be a haven for abusers but we don’t blame all doctors for that. Nor should we.
The teaching profession has abusers but we don’t blame all teachers.
The police force has abusers but we don’t blame all cops. Nor should we.
Lawyers, politicians, professional athletes, rich people…I could go on.
Every very large group is vulnerable to this charge.


Not every large group calls people to ultimate truth. Our faith is a lightning rod, and it will gather controversy because half heartedness is not an option for Christianity.
So when we betray Christ, it should stand out vividly.
And the reason for that is the intense goodness that we are called to. The contrast is very stark. Teachers don’t quite have the same calling. Similar, but not the same.


Agreed. We should seek to attain highly standards than other groups.
I was speaking of people who use such accusations mainly as a club to beat the Church with. That was the impression I get from the description of this article.


Agreed again. The Church should be held to higher standards than the secular groups mentioned, in fact the highest possible standard, even higher than other religious groups. If our clergy are not the bastion of virtue in the world, who will be?


Given that the bishops of Pennsylvania, just a few days ago, handed Polly Toynbee and Leo Varadkar all the ammunition they could possibly need, I’d say her tone here is quite restrained. She could have argued her points much more destructively if she had felt so inclined.


I agree with you in that it seems inflammatory.


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