What are your views on Hillsong Church?


I think Hillsong is the most popular Christian Church here with younger people and has the most younger parishioners.

While they are clearly Christian and well intended,I mean more about the emotional aspect.
A lot of their music is catchy but also highly “angsty” or emotional (for lack of better description) with a strong focus on that Jesus finds “you” good enough even if you dont find yourself this way,or Jesus helps those who are lonely etc…
The worship or focus on Jesus etc seems almost psychological in a way,it helps those young peoples psychological needs-is this a good or a bad thing?

Is it good because Jesus fills “a void in their life” ,so to speak, and gives them a purpose in the Hillsong church instead on focusing on drugs or other self destructing things etc, or is it “bad” because it’s too much emotionalism?




protestant? evangelical?


Jesus actually does meet us where we are. And He does love us even if we don’t love ourselves. Christ does comfort the afflicted and the wounded.

How could singing about these things be sinful?

And if it’s a sin to express emotion in art, tell that to Beethoven or Van Gogh

Art is supposed to be emotional. It’s supposed to appeal to our emotions and move us. How could that ever be sinful?


I think it’s evangelical but I’m not 100% sure.


i don’t “get” your post

is “Hillsong” a Catholic church or not?
if “it” isn’t
than it is not going to work for me…


I’m definitely not suggesting it’s sinful.

There’s emotion and then there’s emotionality-it’s hard though to explain the difference.
The difference between emotion vs emotionality is quite subtle and nuanced.

Maybe there’s nothing “wrong” with it,that’s why I’m asking the question.


Hillsong is a Protestant Church but it’s also a band. It’s not sinful to listen to their music.

Amazing grace was written by a Protestant and so was Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring


is “Hillsong” “catholic” or not ?


i agree with that 100%


No,it’s not Catholic.


From that page:

So obviously Protestant. Specifically, they’re part of the Assembly of God through its Australian branch.


i don’t know

it seems extremely australio-protestant to me…


I probably should add I live up the road from it lol.


OK; is there a Catholic parish nearby?


I was going to write a lengthy response regarding my experiences with Hillsong-like churches, but I’ll just say that I find those style of churches just reduce church to weekly emotional highs. Once it came time for me to sacrifice a lot for church and seek answers to some difficult questions, I was unprepared, especially when the high no longer came. As far as I can tell, my story is hardly unusual.

I can see the appeal, especially to younger people. I was there. Sooner or later, though, people need to grow out of it, or they’ll be swept away by difficulties.


We used some of their music for worship during my days as a Nondenominational Christian, but I was disappointed with the stance taken by their pastor not long ago when questioned on abortion on The View last year.


well said

extra characters


what did “pastor” say?


It’s not sinful to listen or sing their music. Let’s get that out of the way.

That said.

Their music sucks. Big time.

Your description of their music as “angsty” is spot on. I describe it as “shallow” and “noisy.”

I am less concerned about how music makes people feel. Movement of the emotions have always been a factor when music is considered, and I don’t consider that a bad thing. I have no problem if people feel “high”; that for me, while it should not be a prime goal, is still not a bad thing.

But their current music is of poor musical and lyrical quality, and for me, it doesn’t beat the quality of the 1990’s. Just listening to their electric guitar riffs makes me want to rip my hair out.


I’m more of a Handel person.

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