What Are Your Worst Stinko Movies of All Time!

Movies that were a dissapointment for me over the years are “Catwoman”, “The Godfather Part III”, and “Shaft”(Samuel L. Jackson). :popcorn:

Waterworld, Dennis Hopper, Kevin Costner
Costner dives in the water, Hopper chases him, Costner swims, Hopper catches him, Costner dives in the water…
200 million dollars to make and distribute this turkey

The Wiz, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross
So called remake of the Wizard of Oz
Full of social commentary, terrible music, none of the charm of the original.

The Color Purple, Whoopi Goldberg
People have problems, they have more problems, they get more problems. Suddenly all problems dissolve into this air in the last ten minutes as a crowd of people spontaneiously march to church.

Blair Witch Project

As you can see - shaky cam does not make for a good movie. But I feel like I’ve never seen the worst movies of all time though because they just look so bad…I avoid them… I’m pretty sure I would question my sanity if I watched Eat Pray Love or something like that.

I think I have to go with Green Lantern and and John Carter. Both could have been amazing and turned out lousy.

Ghostbusters 3… I’m having a premonition right this minute, Ghostbusters 3 will disappoint everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

As for movies that have already come out:

Dark Shadows (I was really excited… and it was so boring)
The Ring (everyone told me how scary it was… it wasn’t…)
Yellow Brick Road (A horror take on The Wizard of Oz… soooo much potential, but they barely tapped into any of it)

The English Patient, hands down!

Much depends on how people perceive the question with this one. I am taking it from the perspective of the biggest letdowns (movies that I had high hopes for but ultimately stunk it up).

The Star Wars remakes (episodes 1-3)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (has become a bit of a cult classic now)

Ghostbusters 2

Lord of the Flies

Raising Arizona


Awww… you didn’t like Raising Arizona? I guess it’s not for all tastes… yeah, come to think of it, it’s definitely not for all tastes.

Blasphemy! :smiley:

2007’s Beowulf. The only film to this date I have ever flat-out walked out on. It was a travesty on the epic poem.

Uncle Buck
Superman III - I think it was 3 that jumped the shark
Dumb and Dumber

Caddy Shack part II.

Sucker Punch, Avatar, The Ring, all those Twilight movies, and The Last Airbender.
Here’s the reasons why:

  1. Sucker Punch - An idiotic movie which lacks plot and character development.
  2. Avatar- Leftist proselytizing at its best.
  3. The Ring - That’s horror!?
  4. Twilight movies - The books are bad enough as it is, and now they have their movie forms!? FAIL!
  5. The Last Airbender - Director M. Night Shyamalan failed in this venture a lot. For one thing, they could have let the firebending in the movie look more like the animated series, but he did not!

ooops, I forgot to add The Exorcist III

I’m so glad to see I’m not the only person who hated this movie. Umpteen zillion dollars of special effects, with a story that was a conglomeration of just about every over-used leftist cliché plot device - the evil military zealots, the greedy capitalists, the sympathetic scientists, and worst of all The Noble Savages Who Live in Harmony With Nature. It made me want to puke.

I love the animated series - but most of its charm comes from the animation, it’s inevitable that a lot would be lost in a live-action version. I think the only aspect that would translate well to live action would be the relationship between prince Zuko and his uncle Iroh, those characters were really well-handled in the series and the development of their relationship was very touching. Unfortunately the live-action film didn’t even try to capture this aspect of the story at all.

“Avatar” is Pocahontas, but with aliens and a leftist agenda. They overcompensated with the special effects in order to distract people from it’s leftist message. Little wonder that whenever I say that the movie is leftist, I get some really bad stares at best.

I agree with you. The animated series is where the movie got it’s charm. It’s kinda sad that they didn’t use special effects for the firebending but they used it for the other forms of bending.

That Flash Gordon movie.

Worst films i’ve ever seen

  1. By far the worst i’ve ever seen would have to be Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. I like Jack Black and back in the day when I wasn’t as devout I listened to Tenacious D. Well, there movie was even worse than there music. Just dirty stuff through out it, including stuff about being the devils slave that went too far, and doing push ups with parts that shouldn’t do pushups. The story was also dumb. I’m glad we only rented it. It was just uggggh:eek:

  2. I think when I was 10 I saw a film Called Osmosis Jones. It basically was about what was happening inside this gross and dirty man’s body. Anyway, the characters included his white blood cells and fighting these bacteria. All I remember is that there was really bad gross out humor. It wasn’t the dirtiest movie, but 9 times out of 10 i hate movies where the main jokes are about bodily functions and this movie had a lot of that.Even at 10 I hated it.

3.Spider Man 3. Big dissapointment from a trilogy that really wasn’t too bad though it could have been better. They completely ruined the last one though with the Emo Peter Parker and all that.

  1. Hot Tub Time MAchine- PRobably the stupidest movie i’d ever seen. I hated the bald guy in it especially. Not only that, it was super dirty and just seemed retarded. If your going to do frat boy humor, at least make your film have a good story or something. This film was just stoopid beyoind belief.

5.Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the new one) I know i’ll make a lot of people mad with this, but other than being a little bit more truer to the book in a lot of ways I just didn’t like it. Johnny Depp was basically doing a kind of michael jackson impersonation, and I didn’t like the oompa loompa’s and It just seemed like Tim Burton went a little overboard on this, which is sad because I love nightmare before christmas and his batman films (still good, though the new trilogy blew him out of the water). I think I also liked the old one too much. It was probably one of my favorite films as a kid.

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