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Hi Guys! I wanted to know what contemporary Catholic musicians do you listen to? I want to start phasing out my secular selections for a more wholesome selection. I like R&B and club music, but I want the message to be less about Sex, drugs, and greed. I hope this makes sense.

Thank You


have you visited this website yet? spiritandsong.com/


No. I have not. Thank you for the suggestion


My favorite is Michael W. Smith… Very God (Christ) Centered Music… Much of which can be used in a contemporary Catholic Mass



Club music is fun. :smiley:

Uh, I guess the Catholic music equivalent would be




but I find them to be a little :sleep: compared to the real thing, hahah. But, they’re the only Catholic music I’ve heard that actually resembles mainstream music.

Oh yeah, there’s Christian reggaeton too:



but I have no idea what they’re saying. :rotfl:


They may not be anywhere near Catholic, but I personally enjoy sountracks and symphonic and orchestral type music. It may be secular, but its far from being impure, unless you specifically choose music that reflects such stuff, eg. Sex and the City style.

Example: right now, I’m listening to Harry Gregson-Williams’ Chronicles of Narnia (LWW) soundtrack.


Although not necessarily Catholic, I enjoy listening to Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, etc. A couple of songs by Casting Crowns that really express how I feel about society are the following:

If We Are The Body

What If His People Prayed

Really powerful songs, in my opinion.

God Bless,



I like my Catholic music traditional. Seems like it would be harder to find distinctly Catholic Contemporary than general Contemporary Christian music. Anyway as I said I don’t look for it, but occasionally finds me. Here are two of my favorites(again, not distinctly Catholic).

TobyMac-Made to Love

Newworldson- Working Man


I discovered Danielle Rose. Thank you guys for the suggestion. They are awesome


Matt Maher is a Catholic artist who gets a lot of play time on Christian radio. Here’s a sampling of some of his music:

As It Is In Heaven

Your Grace is Enough



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