What awaits Donald Trump when he leaves office Jan 20, 2021

Hundreds of articles on this out there on the web.

Interesting times ahead. I wonder how many will start their legal action on exactly that day.

If those things do come to be. I foresee Donald Trump in the news for a really long time, and not much talk of Biden.

There is what people call, the Trump bump. It does make for clicks and clicks make for money. Seeing this. I think Trump will be with us in the news for a long time.

Hundreds of articles and all look like they are from the Left. Trump already said he’d run in 2024 if he loses, he doesn’t sound too worried.

There are thousands of articles on the legal woes awaiting the Bidens as well.

Doesn’t change the narrative . You can deny the reality but the rule of law is going to catch up with this bozo sooner or later. No matter who is writing the articles… Not only that, Deutsche Bank is looking to dump their business with him. and he’'s toxic enough many banks won’t touch him

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