What Bad Experiences you have had with Wicca?


YUCK! That isn’t in any New Age religion! That’s just sick!



You say they had no moral guidlines except the Wiccan" an harm none, then do as ye will." Well, they obviously harmed you. Sounds like dark magick to me, which does not have any place in Wicca. That must have been horrible, but at least yours is another story of how light always overcomes darkness:)



Okay everyone…Alot of the posts here say " She was wiccan, but she practiced dark magick."

Wicca does not support any dark magick. People who do practice dark magick are not Wiccans. It’s the same thing as being Christian but praying to the devil so he’ll harm people you hate. They aren’t Christian or Wiccan.

Also, Wicca and magick are two separate things. Many Wiccans don’t even practice magick. Magick is not dark or white, it is only how the individual uses it that determines that. I’ve only used it for good. Nothing else, never harming anyone. That is the way it should be used.

I have not had a single bad experience with Wicca at all. My life has definately become more spiritually enriched because of it. I ask that all of you stop calling Wicca the work of the devil. It is annoying and hurtful that you call someone’s beliefs from the devil. Please keep this in mind in the future. Truly, I think that it was bad people that most of you had disagreements with, not Wicca. The people that some of you told me about do not follow Wicca at all. But everyone is different. If you have found God in Christianity, then follow Christianity. If you have found God in Wicca, then follow Wicca. etc., etc.

Blessed Be!:slight_smile:




Well the intention of the person who started this thread is obviously to prove that Wicca is bad. Hence “What bad experiences have you had?” I’m going to share a good one.

This one new kid in my school was bullying me and a bunch of other people. More and more students were joining him in tormenting us, even some of my friends. After a month of torture, I decided to do a little magick to make the bullying stop.

I wrote a prayer to God/Goddess to stop the bulling in a poetic form, put some symbols on it, and hid the paper. The next day this bully transfered schools, which is what he and I wanted all along!



God is not in Wicca. Wicca does not acknowlege God, but rather the “spirit” of the earth.



In Wicca there is a God and a Goddess, representing the male and female energies. I personally believe that they are in a way like the Trinity, two parts in a whole.

Edit: If you meant God in the way Christians portrayed it was not in WIcca, that is because it’s a separate belief system. Otherwise Wicca would be called Christianity.



Gonna have to disagree with everything you have said.

Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism does nothing but lull the practitioner into a false sense of security and exposes them to nothing but lies robed in “light”.

Sorry you are still blinded and being lied to. I hope you find the truth.



None, aside from the stupefyingly vacuous self-absorption and intellectual poverty of the persons I know who claim to be Wiccans. The phrase “morally homeless” comes to mind. YMMV.




ARGHHHHHH! Mods wonder why I’ve been so ignorant to some peopel lately! Another prime example, mods!!!:mad:

I’m all right with people disagreeing with me. But calling my beliefs satanistic and that Im blind and confused and all that other nonsense I will not stand for!

How would you like it if I said all of Christianity is blind and being lied too and are really devil worshippers but somehow they don’t know it?! I would never say such a thing because it would seem like utter nonsense to you and I don’t think that anyway because I’m not as ignorant as you are either.



The problem with Wicca is not Wicca itself, but some of the people who claim to be a part of it. First off, if they practice dark magick then they are not Wicca, as I already stated. Alot of people who say they are Wiccan give Wiccans themselves bad names. Yes, blackrobe, I know what kinds of people you are talking about. The same phrase comes to my mind as well…



Wicca is a loosely-defined set of beliefs and practices that often leads spiritually curious people into magic(k). Once that line has been crossed, other lines come into view. It is a very common thing for people who start doing magic to become worn down by it emotionally. While feeling “spiritual” they don’t feel what is really happening to their souls. After a little while they begin talking of “grey magic” and “grey Wicca”, and how there is a range of thought and action that are morally ambiguous. Next they find their reasons for considering the Rede not to apply to various decisions multiplying. Eventually they start enjoying the rush of skirting the edges of their own code and finally they do a sharp left turn – whatever they call themselves while “trying out” the Left-Hand Path, they are now Black Magicians who were eased into that way of life through Wicca, their old idealistic belief system. They aren’t the same people they were when they first went to worship their horned god and earth goddess. That is a big part of the answer to the question, “What bad experiences have you had with Wicca?”



Yes, I know ex-Christians(who still call themselves Christians) who are like that. The religion of WIcca itself though is not bad. Some of the people, yes, but then alot of Christian people are bad as well. So then we could also say “What bad experiences have you had with Christianity?” None, but if you mean the followers then there has been a few.

You should not say that Wicca leads people to evilness, because if you researched Wicca you would see how illogical that would be. If you stick to all the rules then you are Wiccan. I do not see how harming none can be bent to fit one’s needs. You don’t harm anyone, period. There are some really strange people out there today…

Edit: Please do not make generlizations about Wiccans. I am strict when it comes to morals and have never ever harmed anyone using magick. But harming noen does not only apply to magick. We are all guilty of harming someone in someway. But anyways, keep this in mind in the future.



However, I speaking from someone who was there, who was in the psych ward and who did have to have priestly interference because of Wicca/Witchcraft.
Vast difference between someone just saying, and someone saying it because they were there, went through it, and (barely) lived to tell the tale.



Can one of the practicing Wiccans responding to this thread answer this one for me?

If the Rede ways, “An’ it harm none, do as thou will”, but there is no concensus on the ultimate authority (God/Goddess/Earth/Spirit/etc.), then who, exactly, enforces this? What is the punishment for breaking it? Is there room for contrition and forgiveness?

These are all questions paganism couldn’t answer for me. Thankfully, Holy Mother Church could.



As a previous poster has stated, those who practice Wicca, witchcraft and other such abberations are truly “morally homeless.” There is truly no accountability, but worse, at the end of life, what are you left with? Nothingness and oblivion. No judgment(in their estimation) no reward, no heaven, no hell. Nothing. How sad.



Well, my my, if I didn’t know the thread title, I’d think you were talking about ‘Christians.’

blacktiger, you’re right on to call the mods on this uncharitableness, indeed the whole premise of the thread, unless anyone here is up for a ‘Bad Experiences With Catholics and Christians’ thread, and I bet there are few takers there. I could certainly contribute, as a lifelong nontheist of 40 years, including how I was often shamed, beaten and denied public school lunches (okay, that was an inadvertent kindness) at the hands of Christians as a child. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, I also knew a few Wiccans back then, and I think they did very well with such a child as I was, since I was (and remain) without inclination to faith, and refused any social pressure to it. Instead, they took me out in the field, taught me some herbalism and foraging skills, and gave me more to work with in terms of symbolism and semantics (which I already had an interest in, as a precocious child – Italo Calvino and Luis Borges were my bedtime reading, and still are on sleepless nights).

Sure, some people call themselves Wiccans, or Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or whatever, and the young are particularly prone to this – people want to identify with something, with a tradition, with each other, with…anything, if they are lonely enough. Many don’t know what they mean when they espouse these things though, including many right here on this board. But I understand their desire and their will to the good. Please do not deny these things to people who are so similar to yourselves.



I’m interested in your story…tell me, did they practice any bad spells? But then again sometimes people can get possessed because they are too distracted with their lives. My uncle being a priest and an exorcist, I know many Christians who have been possessed as well. All the bad experiences about WIcca have been with some of its people. I couold make a list of all the evil Christians I know. But the bottom line is this: Wiccans who practice dark magick aren’t Wiccans, just like Christians who pray to the devil to harm people aren’t true Christians…



That is only the last line of the Rede, and then you should read the Wiccan Crede as well. Have you heard of karma? The law of attraction? That is partly what enforces the rules. The other part is God/Goddess, two parts in one whole, representing male and female energies.

The only punishment as of now is the karma you get back. God is always loving and forgiving.



There certainly is an afterlife in Wicca. Wicca has some sort of heaven, but they do not call it that. Heaven is Christian, but it is the exact same idea. Wiccans, like Christians, have mixed beliefs on what exactly the afterlife. Where did you find that false information?

I know many “morally homeless” Christians as well, so Christianity must be the work of Satan!:wink: Ummmm…where exactly are you getting the idea that there is no accountability? Have you even been reading my posts above?

Please stop making generlizations about a group of people. It is truly hurtful and frustrating. I’ve asked many people to stop again and again, but they don’t listen. I’m trying to be calm, but if you keep calling me morally homeless and dark and lost and satanistic…You can only go so far and this is definately way below respect. There is also the fact that all your claims on this are completely baseless as well…



This is an example of the regular Wicca practitioners…:thumbsup:


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