What best to do

A 7 year old boy has had the 10 commandments explained to him including “thou shalt not commit adultery”. His mother is living in an adulterous relationship with a man, so he questioned her about this. Near as we can tell she told her son that it isn’t wrong if the two people really love each other. She has custody 50% of the time during that time he lives in a house with the man and his son who prior to this was already a friend of the boy. They are doing everything they can think of to make it fun for the 7 year old when he is there. The childs father, a practicing Catholic cares very much about the formation of his son and is concerned that he is being pulled away from the Church little by little. Does anyone here have thoughts on how the Catholic father could best handle this situation?


Tell the son that mom is mistaken and that he (the child) should pray for her.

He can petition for full custody of the child.

He is way past that his mom has him 50 per cent of the time and it is way fun over there because he lives with his best friend.

If the relationship is adulterous, the child’s father and mother were presumably married. The child’s father could file for an annulment. If the petition is granted, the relationship is no longer adulterous - it’s fornication (no real consolation there but…). It also puts faith into practice - the teaching if a man divorces a woman, he is also guilty of adultery.

The world is full of unpleasant and evil things and acts. It is something the child will have to be taught - and how to properly respond.

Oh, that’s a tough one. I say pray. Pray a lot.

Oh yeah. All the time. Yesterday we went to Benediction and Mass.


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