What Bible to read?


I have a host of bible translations protestant and catholic, and though I am well versed in methods of translation, Word studies, andcient versions, and textual criticism, I just can’t seem to decide on a translation to use. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the NAB, as it is quick to point out any disagreement between the texts, especially contradictions in the gospels, and also claims that alot of the texts were added much later (not even talking about John 7:53 to 8:11 or the endingof mark, or that what is recorded is mistaken and not the words of Jesus) Can anyone tell me what the rest of you seasoned catholics are reading? (I am still dripping wet from the tiber…)


I use the Jerusalem Bible, which I understand is used for the Mass readings.


I tend to read both the Jerusalem Bible and the RSV-CE, though I also esteem the Douay-Rheims.

I have a detailed explanation on my blog, here, if you would like my reasoning.

Also, though the Jerusalem is used for Mass in many English-speaking nations (lucky them :)), like the previous poster’s Australia, it is not used for Mass in the U.S. because the Bishops only allow their NAB translation.

God bless you and welcome home to the Church!


So am I. I use the NAB in my formal prayers with the Divine Office, but when I am just in a serene mood, I go slumming with the King James Version, which is what I was brought up with. It still has the best translation of Psalm 23.

For a quick assessment of the quality of translation, I use two passages. As I am indeed a “dry tree” I check out Isaiah 56, verses 1-8; and Matthew 19, verses 11 and 12. If they soft-peddle the word “eunuch”, the rest of the translation is probably wishy-washy as well.


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