What Bible translation is used in Catholic seminaries?


I was curious about what Bible translation(s) is used in American Catholic seminaries. Is there a standard translation mandated by the USCCB, or do seminaries choose? Are there any seminarians or seminary faculty here who can answer this question?

I know that the NRSV/RSV are considered by many to be the scholarly standard. However, the NABRE is the official Catholic Bible here in the US.

I’m just asking this question out of curiosity.


I suppose it depends on the seminary


Have a friend that was in seminary - pretty sure he said they did not use the NAB - he couldn’t stand the NAB.

Can’t recall what they used, but he liked the RSV.


I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine it wouldn’t just depend on the seminary, but upon the seminary professor. This is based on my experience at a Catholic university (not a seminary), but each professor would use the translation he or she preferred. There was no college-wide mandated translation.

Indeed, I cannot see the point in mandating a particular English translation of the Scripture for a college or seminary. It seems more likely a professor would encourage you to go to the original source languages if anything. Or else to be familiar with several translations. :shrug:


I have to imagine they use multiple ones.


Perhaps not for Scripture studies, but given that the U.S. Lectionary comes from the NAB and its variants, and thus preaching at Mass would follow a NAB passage, it’s hard to believe that the NAB would be ignored entirely.


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