What Bibles do you own?

Many different Bibles are mentioned on this forum. What Bibles do you own? I’ll mention mine including edition, translation, year, and publisher.

New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible, The Old Testament Confraternity-Douay, The New Testament Confraternity. 1957 Catholic Book Publishing Company.

The Jerusalem Bible. 1966 Doubleday

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible RSV2CE 2010 Ignatius Press

NABRE Saint Joseph Edition medium size 2011 Catholic Book Publishing Corporation.


-Ignatius Bible RSV
-St Joseph New testament N.C.B.
-Ignatius New Testament study Bible
-La Biblia LatinoAmericana
-The Universal Bible of the protestant,Catholic, Orthodox, Ethiopic, Syriac, and Samaritan church
-King James


RSVCE 2nd Edition. The Living Bible, NRSV CE, Ignatius study Bible (RSVCE New Testament), KJV, NABRE, and whilst I don’t own a physical copy, (I’m working on that) La Bible de Jérusalem (a French Bible) on my phone. I have quite a few more, especially children’s Bibles. I don’t know every version I have, because some of its not readily available because it’s not right in front of me, I actually had to look at my bookcase to know some of the versions I have. I know I have some more, but I’m not sure where they’re at. My niece has a Douay Rheims Bible that I use sometimes, I asked her what version she wanted, and she wanted the one with the archaic English. I want to get an Old Testament Study Bible, if anyone knows of one please tell me that’s not too terribly expensive I don’t have a lot of money. Thanks for asking.


RSV-CE (2nd edition) and the Orthodox Study Bible


  • 1958 Douay Rheims/Westminster Family Bible.

  • 1950 Douay Rheims.

  • New American Bible Revised Edition.

  • New Living Translation Catholic Edition.

  • RSV CE.

  • Didache Study Bible.

  • CTS New Jerusalem Bible.


I found this, but didn’t list it as a bible. Can’t say how it is because I haven’t got to it yet.


John Bergsma and Brant Pitre are pretty trustworthy (I watch quite a bit of the latter on YouTube), so thank you.


Lutheran Study Bible, English Standard Version edition.


As a Protestant only starting the process to enter the church, most of mine are Protestant bibles.

-Schuyler NIV Quentel in Blue Goatskin (the quality of this bible is out of this world. I’ll include pictures below)

-Lockman Foundation NASB Large Print Ultrathin in Calfskin (this is the toughest bible I’ve ever held. The paper is incredible but they had to stop making it because the fumes from the process apparently killed some people)

-Ignatius RSV-2CE in Leather

-Oxford 1611 KJV in Calf-Split leather, made in 1937

-ESV Study Bible in TruTone

PS: They really need to make some premium Catholic bibles. The bibles that Cambridge, RL Allan, and Schuyler make are truly works of art.


Hi, Zach, interesting topic. I’m at work so I’m just guessing here;

-King James
-New King James
-New American Standard
-New International
-Revised Standard
-Good News (Canadian Bible Society)
-two others I can’t think of the name ; New Testament only
-Living Bible (paraphrase)
-also a New Jerome Biblical Commentary

Some of these we own in multiple copies so there’s always one handy. I’ve used them all but seldom open the “Living” version. Of the others I probably use the NIV the least. Most often I will reference the King James because it’s the one I know best from end to end. At the same time, once I’ve found what I’m looking for I will look up the same thing in another version.


I own three Bibles. The first one I got, over thirty years ago, was a softcover King James Bible from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I got it because I’d read that it was “one of the glories of the English language,” and being more mindful at that time of my intellect than my soul, I thought it prudent to keep a copy on hand for reference.

A few years later I read that the KJV contained several serious errors in translation and that the Revised Standard Version was more trustworthy, so I got a copy of that. I’ve browsed in it more often and more carefully than in the KJV.

In the last few years I have been pondering the truth of Christianity and particularly of Catholicism, so I thought I should keep a Catholic Bible too. I picked up a fat little copy of the Douay-Rheims Version by the Catholic Truth Society at a thrift store. It has very small print and is rather the worse for wear, but it seems somehow indecent to discard it in favour of a fresher, more readable copy. It’s my first Catholic Bible, after all.

At one time I also owned a hefty volume that contained four translations of Scripture, but during one of my occasional purges of my library I decided it was too pretentious of me to keep it, so out it went.


That gave me a broad smile. Thanks. :smile:

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Some of these were inherited, others bought.

Quest Bible (NIV)
Didache Bible (NABRE)
Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE)
Ignatius Study Bible New Testament (RSV-2CE)
Navarre Bible (full set, RSV)
Confraternity Bible
Douay Rheims Challoner (Haydock Commentary)
Knox Bible
The Jewish Annotated New Testament

I have some single book NT commentaries. The Catena Aurea, for one. And a couple others.


How’s the commentary of the OSB in reality? I like the idea of direct Patristic commentary.

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You’re quite welcome. I’ve reached a point in life where I’m happy to share stories that reflect doubtfully on my judgment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Didache the (green one), My Daily Catholic Bible, The New American Bible, The New American Bible (Red Letter Edition), Douay-Rheims version


The closest I have to that type of premium Bible is a Confraternity-Douay version published in 1957. Red leather with gold lettering bounded. Gilted page edges. Colored illustrations and maps. Family Record pages.


I may have my Ignatius RSV rebound. The text block is Smyth sewn, it just could use a better leather cover. I know someone who can do this kind of rebinding work with goatskin:


The commentary is great :+1:t3:


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Heavens, I will try to think.

A few KJVs, precious family heirlooms






Orthodox Study Bible

The Knox Bible

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament

The Prove It Study Bible

The Serendipity Study Bible

The Didache Bible

Several different New Testaments

The Douay Rhymes

Others I’ve forgotten about

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