What biological activities will take place in Heaven after the resurrection of the body?

After the resurrection of the body, will we engage in the biological activities associated with our bodies in the present world? Breathing, perceiving, eating, etc?

Well, Christ and the Holy Virgin are both already in their glorified bodies, and I don’t think they do these things (other than perceiving… I think we will still be able to do that even before the general resurrection?). As far as I know, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother don’t eat, sleep, use the restroom, sweat, etc…
I’m not exactly sure about breathing, though. They do still speak in apparitions and the like, and, as far as I know, breathing is necessary for speaking. I would guess that they do not have the need to breathe, but they choose to do so when they speak?

But, if that’s the case, why even have a resurrection of the body … what would a body be if it did not engage in biological processes … what is a body without a heart, liver, kidney, etc.

Our glorified bodies will be complete, with heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc… I’m just not sure that our bodies will have to regulate themselves the way they do in our current state after the resurrection. I’m sure we could do these things if we wanted to, I just don’t think we will have the need to do them. Do Jesus and the Blessed Mother have the need to sweat, eat, drink, bathe, and use the restroom? I mean… I don’t think they would die if they didn’t do these things as we would? Do you?

I agree they would not die. But let’s consider Adam and Eve before the fall. They would not have died but they would still have engaged in breathing, eating, metabolizing, etc. Jesus ate fish after the resurrection. Was this just a pretense? I think he enjoyed the meal immensely. As for sweating, bathing, using the restroom, why not? There’s nothing wrong with these activities. I’m sure that Adam and Eve before the fall engaged in them.

Again, why have the organs of a human body if they serve no purpose?

Oh, I’m not saying that he didn’t enjoy eating the fish! I’m sure he did! However, I’m not sure how it was processed by his body.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with them, but they are accompanied by physical discomfort, which is a product of the fall.

I’m sure if we would want to eat, we could. I just don’t think we will have to.

But, if we weren’t hungry, would the steak be that savory?

If we were able to experience hunger, then we would also be able to experience death by hunger, wouldn’t we?
Also, hunger implies a feeling of discomfort, which did not exist before the fall. At least, that’s what I’ve been told?

As I understand it, our bodies will be gloried–that’s is taken up into the divinity so that they no longer need to function as they do now. So, I’m not sure our kidneys will produce bile (is that the right term?), but if we have them they will serve some purpose as a part of us.

When God created us he made us a combined being of body and soul. He combined the physical reality with the spiritual in created beings that could think, as he does, communicate, as he does, decide, as he does, and life from the moment of conception forever, as he does. Why he did this is still a mystery, but we can speculate, which may help us with our current question.

In combining the physical creation with the spiritual God married himself to his creation. Once he had done that he made a moment in time the fulcrum of creation. I believe he always intended human beings be glorified, as Christ and Mary are now. If Adam and Eve had not sinned, I believe Christ would still have become one of us as the firstborn of the glorified. The fall gave God a yet deeper way to prove his love, humility, and simplicity to his creation.

So, to boil it all down, our glorified bodies were always meant to be–it was always God’s plan to take humankind up into his divinity. That being the case, nothing about our bodies then will be useless. There will be no more reproducing our kind, but there will also be no more pain, so we will not need space ships to explore the universe, we will be able to enjoy everything and be anywhere at the speed of thought. And we’ll do all these things as physical beings glorified by the divine life. Just what that will entail–we’ll see when we get there.

I’d say we will definitely breathe; after all, we will go on perceiving, and 2 of our wondrous human senses (smell and taste) require that we breathe. As someone else has remarked, so does the our voice. So there will be a need for breath, even though we will not otherwise die.

Even more basically, even as a pneumatikon soma, we will not be our own source of life; we will need to draw life into our beings. So why not by the humanly comforting means of breathing. After all, Adam’s life began when he (passively) received breath. And the bodies in Ezekiel’s valley of bones, even when they had received their flesh and skin, did not resume being alive, until they had also received breath.

And our LORD certainly breathed after HIS resurrection (John 19:22). As we will have a body like HIS, why wouldn’t we do the same?

And certainly we wouldn’t lose the wondrous human sensation of deep, refreshing breath while effortlessly using our limbs!:slight_smile:

Why would we be given noses if we wouldn’t use them? Noses don’t work without breath!

(Can’t wait to use my Heavenly nose!):slight_smile:


There is certainly nothing wrong with them. However, these functions involve expelling corrupt substance from our bodies, and there is no corruption in Eternity. “Corruption shall have no part in incorruption” (1Co 15).

We have these functions because we have entropy-driven bodies. So did A&E. But our pneumatikon soma will not produce entropy, as such is unsuited to Eternal Life.

Again, why have the organs of a human body if they serve no purpose?

Purposes can be adapted. Our animal ancstors had fur, which kept them warm. We don’t.
But our human body hair, although it doesn’t hold heat, wonderfully assists our sense of touch.


Our bodies would have been perfected. We will be able to perceive one another and God through our 5 senses. Everything else is useless detail.

Kinda like eyebrows and sideburns. :smiley:

I, myself, was kind of hoping to drink of the fruit of the vine in Heaven. :wink: Didn’t Jesus say he wouldn’t drink of the fruit of the vine again until he was with his Father in Heaven?

Good point! Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine every now and then? Especially since I’m guessing it would be “the best” (John 2.10). :smiley:

I’m not sure … Christ shared in our humanity so that we can share in His Divinity … what does it mean to share in the Divine Life … simply, to love with God’s love … we can have a biologically functioning body at the same time that we are overwhelmed with Agape … any other understanding of the resurrection of the body might come too close to the gnostic heresy … that’s why the details may be important …otherwise, it might appear that we’re talking about an “astral” body or some other “new age” fantasy …

I second the motion …

I wonder if we can change them on the fly, at will. I am never able to grow a full beard, maybe if I get to a glorified state I can go around looking like St. Peter :smiley:

And yet isn’t it possible that the nature of such eschatological activities change so that they no longer produce corruption. Kind of like how when I was a child walking around my uncles cattle ranch I used to avoid the corruption of cow manure but, now as an adult I spread cow manure in order to bring life to the garden.

More to the point don’t forget that Jesus still had his wounds even in his glorified body.

Amen amigo!:):slight_smile:

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