What bishops support reform of the liturgy?

I’d like to collect in this thread a list of all (OK, most) of the U.S. bishops who support reform of the liturgy (as those here would understand that idea). I’m especially interested in those bishops who don’t have such a high profile in this area as the “big names” most of us immediately think of. Thanks for helping to make this list as extensive as possible.

I will allow this, but absolutely no denigrating of any of the ordained (or anyone else for that matter). Thank you.

Bishop Williamson? :wink:

Bishop Fellay :wink:

Yes, absolutely not. I simply want to know which bishops might be considered to be in the forefront of liturgical renewal “Benedict XVI style”.

And don’t forget Bishop Tissier. He would definitely be in favour of renewal of the liturgy. :smiley:

Which liturgy?

Abp. Burke and Bps. Bruskiewicz and Finn are all friends of the TLM, but I don’t know how much they promote a reform of the reform as well - I’m sure those prelates celebrate dignified NOs themselves but don’t know how much they push within their dioceses for a certain style beyond standard obedience.

Bp. Vasa of Baker, OR is an excellent teacher who is one of the few bishops to use instituted ministers (lectors and acolytes) so he’s probably a lesser-known figure that is working on reform.

The Roman liturgy

I’d add in Bishop Vigneron.

I can honestly say that His Excellency Bishop Finn does celebrate a very beautiful Mass, since I have been to at least a dozen if not more (I belong to his Cathedral parish).

He does indeed support the TLM, but honestly, I wouldn’t look for him to be celebrating it himself anytime soon.

He has been on parishes here to be more inline with the GIRM, and I have heard him mention a few things he would like to see change in the Liturgy, but I believe he has other focuses for his episcopacy right now.

His see is Oakland, correct?

Yep. Things are way better here but we’ve got a ways to go. It took us 25 years to get into this mess so I think we’ve got a few more years before he can pull everyone back. :shrug:

Well, Bishop Serratelli of Patterson has an excellent series he is starting on the Loss of the Sacred, the first part was posted today on the NLM blog.

Bishop Slattery of Tulsa last year wrote a good series of articles for his diocesan paper, promoting a sense of sacred and Gregorian Chant, don’t know how it went over.

Things are starting to slowly get better here in the Diocese of Phoenix, with the younger priests coming up. Bishop Olmsted is not one to have a heavy handed approach, but he’s doing little things which are slowly ridding us of the mess that was left by Bishop O’Brien.

Of course, Archbishop Burke, Finn, Vasa, and Bruskewitz are excellent!

I’m hoping that more Bishops will be coming from their requests.

Dunno. Some bishops in Southern California have already reformed the liturgy–dancing girls and all. :smiley: :mad:

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