What Black Lives Matter Believe

It appears that many have been duped by BLM over the last few days caught up in the media hype, while the sentiments of such people are generally good which is to promote the equal intrinsic value and dignity of all human life by supporting such a movement you are doing anything but helping such a view as BLM are a Marxist organisation who at it’s core invoke the destruction of the Christian family unit and it’s values and propose a secular response to what it see’s is the unfair treatment of blacks, women, transgender, same sex people by the white patriarchal society, something that is utterly false. Below goes more into depth on what they believe, in the article there is a link that allows you to go straight to the BLM website itself.

Such a group is typical of Marxist groups that hides behind just causes in an attempt to gain popularity and support while simultaneously using division and tribalism to further a deeper and more sinister Agenda


I’m stealing a response from @LeafByNiggle in another thread that should put this discussion to rest:


Fact Check!

The Daily Wire

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage conservative causes.

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One can support black lives matter WITHOUT supporting the Marxist BLM organisation. Also given that BLM builds itself mostly on the lie of racist police brutality which the stats prove to be false it’s clear they are more interested in exploitation to gain support and popularity rather than on factual information. What are people protesting now anyway, the defunding of the police?

Well that worked well before when homicides went up 20% in black communities after the ferguson riots and police were pulled back.

The destruction of the Christian family? Well that worked well because crime is worse now that before the civil rights movement where a whole generation have become reliant on the welfare state and liberal cultural and political policies has led to the destruction of Christian values that held these communities together.

The invoking of identity politics to try and pin the blame of all the worlds problems on the white man and his so called Capitalist agenda, which seeks reparation for slavery and for all white people to get on their knees and apologize for the actions of an entirely different generation, it’s lunacy. It’s become typical of the leftists agenda of self hate today


Good job i also posted the link to the BLM itself where you can read yourself and verify their entire point,. If anything said here was false please elaborate. Happy Reading :slight_smile:

This seems to be typical of some today, ‘‘i’m not going to read that because it’s left/right wing’’. The point is still valid. There is more than just one side to this


That’s what we’re saying.

Do you know the difference between a movement and an organization? Not all of the marchers are card-carrying members of the official organization. I’m guessing that the majority of them, in fact, are not.

How would you expect concerned Americans to respond to police brutality disproportionately affecting minorities?


Of course lets not mention the biggest and most shameful fact, the fact that Catholics and other Christians claim to support BLM and their protests who are IGNORING social distancing and lock-down rules while Church’s and business stay closed or are limited to a certain number of people. That such Catholics and Christians are all for these protests but where are they when politicians threaten the permanent closure of Church’s if lock-down rules are broken?

You see this is called virtue signalling, jumping on a social issue because it’s trendy and makes one look good but the hippocricy is clear to see. This is the single biggest shocking thing for me in light of Covid-19 today which just last week was phrased especially by the left as the biggest threat to the west in 100 years but hey BLM right so riot, loot and protest for the eradication of the police all you want, just as long as you businesses and Church’s obey the lock-down law


What about Police brutality against white people where a white unarmed man is more likely to be killed than an unarmed black man? You see you are invoking more division through identity politics by highlighting the injustices of minorities while ignoring EVERYONE else. Police brutality is across the board, it’s not a racist issue. There is and unfortunately as sin exists always be elements of racism but it is not institutional the way many are implying

Also given that this is a lie then the BLM movement is a lie, what are people protresting for if it’s built on a lie, i already told you what this organisation is trying to do. It’s obvious how Marxist groups work


This is true with ALL groups at their extremes, including ultra Capitalists groups. I think Karl Marx & Freidrick Engels writings, provided some sort of balance for the masses & curtail the widening gap between those that have everything & those that have nothing.

In America the tertiary education system has basically discredited their works as an attempt to destroy the individual private nature of Capitalism. In general, MARXISM has been viewed as something communistic, because it has not been properly studied with an open view & neutral bias.

With the endless widening gap & disparity between the wealthy & poor, it is little wonder people turn to the principals of democracy, being majority over the minority

First of all, I would say that the recognition of racist police violence is an essential part of the movement, and secondly, stats do not prove it to be false. The oft-cited Wall Street Journal article that says it is a myth is itself properly labelled by the WSJ as opinion and commentary, not as factual reporting.


In the end they only made things worse because Marxism at it’s core is ultimately flawed. By treating man as merely materialistic in which all his needs and wants could be met materialistically they seen economics as merely a mathematical issue rather than ethical. Marxists assume it is the system that creates the ethical conditions that make a just society rather than the other way around.

Marxist’s inability to answer these metaphysical questions has led to it going down a worse road than the system it campaigned against. This time because ultimate control of production had been assumed then the corruption, pride and greed among the view was all the more evident. Marxists have tried in the west to blame all sin on the conditions created by the few and that by attempting to divide each class, race, group from the ruling class they then through peaceful or violent means intend to overthrow the system which will lead to a perfect and sinless society, this repeated over and over has led to the extermination of human life and destruction of entire economies. Marxists in the US as across the world are using this division to create anarchy and turn man away from God toward a secular, sinless pure society where those that disagree will be branded as dissidents or in the case of the left today as racist, sexist or fascist


Can you please tell me when an unarmed white man dies due to the hands of police brutality NOTHING is said but when a black man dies then it’s racist??? Do you not think your guilty at looking at things through the prism of race?


Hello Paddy1989,

One does not “dupe” people by clearly stating one’s beliefs on one’s website, the entire point of “duping” being to conceal what one doesn’t want known.

One also doesn’t act inappropriately as an activist organization by enlisting support of previously less invested partners, that; rather than touting one’s realness, being the point of activism.

As mentioned you can support as many or as few of the goals endorsed by the BLM organization as you wish while still supporting the general effort to protest racism in the justice system. They will require no membership, no dues, nor any pledge of loyalty from you.

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:+1: this.


I think you overestimate the support from people on social media who have no idea what this group believes nor cares, they are too caught up in the hype from viral videos and celebrities endorsement to care to read the website and what this group believes. This post is to make known to people what this group believes and how this GROUP isn’t worth supporting


That is not disputed here, that wasn’t the point of this thread at all. However i do find your having a hard time proving the US is institutionally racist including police brutality. Are all police brutality against blacks racist? What about against white people? How do people on here KNOW the hearts of these police officers and their motivations?


All you need do, Paddy, is clearly and concisely state that you don’t think there is a problem. All those who realise that there is can then carry on discussing it.

I’m sorry but i don’t know if you are on the wrong thread as there is several on the issue of these protests but this thread is discussing Black Lives Matter and what they are about. To bring it to light so perhaps other sympathetic to this group and even supportive of who they are can see their ultimate agenda at play. Less so about how i feel about the protests itself and not seeing a problem with policing


You don’t appear to believe there’s a problem:

“Police brutality is across the board, it’s not a racist issue. There is and unfortunately as sin exists always be elements of racism but it is not institutional the way many are implying. Also given that this is a lie…”

Just say ‘There is no problem’ and be done with it. Trying to conflate millions of protesters (across the world) with some sort of Marxism ideology is clouding the issue.


What about the whataboutisms dragged into every conversation on a social injustice? The whole all-lives-matter gambit reminds me of pro-choicers accusing pro-lifers: “What about born people? Don’t you care about them, too?” It’s like having the gall to tell the American Cancer Society, “What about diabetes? Don’t you care about that, too? All diseases matter!”

Your data is incorrect, as well. African-Americans are 2.5 times more likely than white Americans to be killed by police. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/08/police-officer-shootings-gun-violence-racial-bias-crime-data/595528/

You started a thread equivocating between a movement and an organization, trying to tarnish the former by dragging in the latter. This is an unfair move.

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