What book can I recommend to a friend who's interested in the Catholic Church?


A friend of mine recently read the book The Gospel According to Rome. Not knowing whether this was for or against the Catholic Church I looked it up and was lead to a website Good News for Catholics which is really deceptive and not such good news. The book was written by a former Catholic who is vehemently and mischieviously leading others astray. I was wondering if you knew of another book I could reccommend to her to read that would defend the Church without being offensive. I know there is Rome Sweet Home which is excellent. Are there any other books or pamphlets that you know? The gospel according to Rome refutes the Catechism of the Catholic Church and even when I read an excerpt out of the context of the Catechism and precluded by criticism questioned the writing. But once in context was at peace. My friend is not Catholic and I thought she had a genuine interest in the Catholic Church. I 'd like to steer her in the right direction.


I recommend the following book:

*The Gospel According to James McCarthy * by Gary G. Michuta
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