What book(s) are you reading?


I’m reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. It’s not bad, but it could be so much better by excising 200 pages and having the twists stand up to logic better.



An Ocean of Light by Martin Laird



Mary: Mother of Carmel (Volume 1) by Redemptus M. Valabek

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It’s unarguably the best fantasy epic in this galaxy. However, I don’t think there is a single pirate in it, though the goblins aka Orcs could be pirates if they set their mind to it. Generally, they prefer to be underground.

Am I digressing?



Cyberwarfare: information operations in a connected world.



I am discerning the priesthood and just finished reading this book a couple days ago. Incredible!

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Yesterday I finished reading “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. Today I started “A Biblical Walk through the Mass” by Edward Sri



Religious reading:

  1. Love is Patient but I’m Not by Christopher West
  2. Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves by Jason Evert
  3. Reading through Acts of the Apostles

Non-Religious reading: Misery by Steven King



Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer
By Priscilla Shirer

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The NAB (every day for that)
Shorter Summa by Aquinas
Educational texts for work on demand.

I cannot juggle more than two or three at a time. I used to be able to, but I’m extremely ADHD and quit taking my afternoon dose of Adderal XR for my month of vacation. I’m lucky to be reading these.



I just finished “A Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance. I’m now reading “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou.

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I read his Seeds of Contemplation last year and loved it.



I’m reading several books at the moment, badly of course.

My recent one is ‘in God we doubt’ very good, the author starts out as an atheist and ends up being an agnostic.



Join the magic bus, :slight_smile::oncoming_bus::trolleybus:…I don’t read terribly much because of my attentional difference, let’s call it that, but without the “H”. I figure it’s a good thing to humble me that I can’t read volumes because I"m proud enough as it is.

I like to listen to Audible Books in my car when I’m driving here and there. At the moment, I’m listening mostly to “Angels and Saints” by Scott Hahn and Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism”.

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of “Champions of the Rosary” by Fr. Donald Calloway, a shining start of Marian evangelization in our times. It’s quite good.



a biography of Saint Thérèse de Lisieux.

Read again at the same time, the french traduction of Karl Keating book (founder of Catholic Answers) Catholicism and fundamentalism: the attack on Romanism by Bible Christians, 1988
and Love and responsability, by Karol Wojtyla



“Love and Responsibility” is a pretty deep read. Ever read “The Acting Person”? by JPII? It’s a bit of a different level, i suppose.



Reading excerpts from Fields, Factories and Workshops by Kropotkin.



yes, love and responsability is hard to read. Need a great concentration. I reat it in the disorder.

NO, never read the acting person, do you? Opinion? If i remenber correctly, the final version is not what the author want it at first.



I’ve read parts of “The Acting Person”. It’s mainly for people with a bend towards philosophy, It is, afterall, based out of phenomenology, his chosen field of study and also Edith Stein’s . I find it rather fascinating, but not for the person, I think, who does not have an affinity for rather deep philosophy.

I have forgotten which translation I have. Some of my books are “in archive” (aka storage) at moment so can’t check.

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Fr. Calloway is amazing, I’ve read multiple of his books, including his incredible life story


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