What books are on your 'to read' list?

list of books that are out that i want to read

Hero’s Song: The First Song of Errien- Edith Pattou
Fire Arrow: The 2nd Song of Errien- Edith Pattou
Talon and the Dragons of Crinnelia- Diana Metz
Brinn and the Dragons of Pallan Cliffs- Diana Metz
The Never Ending Story- Micheal Ende

list of books that im waiting for

3rd book in the inheritance trilogy- Christopher Paolini
Fell- David Clement-Davies
Inkdeath- Cornellia Funke
and any of the books in my out list that will become a trilogy

It is probably obvious that i love fantasy books.

Have you read any Michael Moorcock :slight_smile: ? He’a a one-man fantasy factory (almost).

Now that I’ve finished “Deatly Hallows,” I’m returning to my Redwall books.

Not yet, what books did he write?

The ‘Eternal Champion’ series-of-series: Elric of Melnibone (decent low fantasy about an overthrown weakling emperor with a sword that eats souls), Corum (not bad… he’s order to Elric’s chaos, lots of Celtic imagery), Von Bek (only read one of these, The War Hound and the World’s Pain, which was excellent; he’s more modern than the previous two, and that particular book was about Lucifer trying to make things up with God by sending VB to find the Grail), Hawkwind (yeah, same as the band… haven’t read any), and so on.

I like Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and Mouser series better, and think he’s a better writer, but Moorcock’s stuff is worth a look for any sword-and-sorcery fan.

I’ve just purchased “What If…” at the bargain table of the book store. It takes different aspects of historical events and asks “What If…” history’s events turned out differently, how would we effected. I can’t wait to start.

interesting selection.


Interesting thought. I never looked at it that way before!:smiley:

lol you werent suppose to see that.

Abandonment to Divine Providence
finish reading Don Quixote
finish Screwtape Letters
Brothers Karamozoff
Thirteen Moons
The Great Divorce
one of the Stephen King books on my shelf

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Too Late to say Goodbye


*]Joan of Arc (by Mark Twain; who would have imagined it? He spent 12 years in research, 2 more in writing, & called it his best book).
*]The Widow of the South (Robert Hicks; novel based on a real woman, who had a battle fought on her property during the War for Southern Independence. The soldiers were buried where they fell, & she spent the rest of her life, tending their graves)
*]Advance and Retreat (The memoirs of General John Bell Hood, C.S.A.)
*]The Pilgrim’s Regress (C S Lewis)
*]Democracy in America (de Tocqueville)
*]Stonewall Jackson’s Maxims
*]Hannibal Rising (Thomas Harris…Hannibal Lector’s childhood)
*]Lost Victories:The Battlefield Genius of Stonewall Jackson
*]Huckleberry Finn (Yes,:slight_smile: I’ve read it before, but it’s time to go back to it…)
*]Robinson Crusoe (Defoe…the complete book, not the partial one I read in school)…[/LIST]OK, that’s a start…I have several hundred others as well…just waiting for me to turn off the computer & read. (Nothing better than a glass of iced tea & a good book on a hot summer evening…)

Ooops, left that one off my list. Picked it up over the weekend since I’ve read the rest of the series.

The new book “Reclaiming History” by Vincent Bugliosi debunking all of the Kennedy conspiracies. He spoke at my bar association earlier in the summer and he was fascinating and very logical about the whole thing. BTW, he is the attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson and wrote the book Helter Skelter about that case.

I’ve started Sidney Portier’s autobiography, “The Measure of a Man.”

I have received but not started, “Learn Spanish with Grace! The Catholic Approach to Learning Spanish” (with cds) which teaches children Spanish while incorporating prayers like the Hail Mary and Our Father and other Catholic specific things. I’m past childhood, but I would love to know all of the prayers and responses in Spanish.

Vincent Bugliosi’s books are very good…the one he wrote on OJ trial was tops.

–Read anything by Tim Powers. He is a fantasy fiction writer and a devout Catholic. You can find out more about him here:


Also, some other good books I read:

–The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton
–Wild Palms by William Faulkner
–Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
–Edmund Campion by Evelyn Waugh

Some day I want to read:

–An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine by JH Newman

I have read a couple of Powers books, which were very good. I like the way he mixes fantasy with historical events (but staying true to the facts), making it almost believable. I only found out recently that he was a devout Catholic.

I have his The Anubis Gates that I would like to read soon also. Sounds really interesing.

I came to know about Tim Powers because we are both regular posters on an anti-Catholic website (The Roman Catholic Observer). One time I sent him an email and asked what he did for a living since he knew so much about history and since his spelling and grammar were excellent. He told me he was a writer.

He’s a very humble person–I had no idea he was an award-winning author.

(Both of us were posting in defense of the Catholic Church BTW. His apologetics skills are outstanding, too.)

Interesting… I may check out that website, if only to see if I can spot which posts are his.

In my business I read a lot and need to be current so I have a professional list which I work at. I also make it a point to read something religious every month. I have a short list of books I have think I should finish but have not been able to do for decades. It includes Marcel Proust: Remembrance of Things Past, James Joyce: Ulysses and Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Perhaps when I retire I will be able to get through them.

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