What books, etc. would to appropriate for my future daughter-in-law?

My 21 year old son has a serious girlfriend, whom he will probably marry. We are Catholic and she is a “Bible Christian”. Her father was raised Catholic and her grandparents are faithful Catholics. She is not anti-Catholic, but does not feel comfortable at Mass. She and my son are in college together, and sometimes they go to the Catholic Church, and sometimes they “hop around” to a church of her choice. I suspect that if they marry, it will not be in the Catholic Church; and that they will shop around until they find a compromise where they both feel comfortable. Which books, cd/tape would you recommend that I could give her just to help her learn a little more about the Catholic faith without making her feel pressured that I am trying to force her into Catholicism?

Dear c,

I would give her Rosalin Moss’s tape set: “A Day of Grace.” It’s the story of her conversion from Judaism to Evangelical Protestantism, her time as a prison chaplain, her strong aversion to Catholicism and her eventual embrace of the Catholic faith. It’s gentle, yet powerful. You can order it through catholic.com or by phone: 888 291 8000.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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