What brand of mp3 player are you using?

Hi all, I’m thinking of buying an mp3 player. An iPod is too expensive, so I’m thinking of other brands.

What brand are you using? Post your reviews here!

LG Optimus (cell phone) with SD card.

A cheap Sansa 8GB, no graphics. I don’t see the sound quality is inferior to a more expensive model. Then again I’m hard of hearing.

Sony Walkman. I’ve had it for a couple years now. I chose it because its storage is 8 gb, and I like to have a lot of varied music with me. It has served and continues to serve me well. I wouldn’t have an i-anything if you gave it to me.

I’ve had a couple of Creative models. A Zen thats about 4 yrs old - small color screen for video. I like their software for arranging my library of music.

An iPhone.

3 Sony Walkmen - a 2gb, a 4gb and a 16gb. Straightforward ‘drag and drop’ transfers, no bureaucratic software needed. Excellent - but sound always depends on the quality of headphones, remember.

Don’t go for a cheap brand. It’ll be a major waste of money in the long run. With MP3 players you really do get what you pay for.
In my opinion, Apple ipods are the obly way to go. Check ebay. Some of my friends have been able to get very good deals on ipods through ebay. Just make sure to check the sellers feedback first.

Nintendo 3DS with 4Gig SDHC Card(works with up to 32Gigs of SDHC memory cards). Although the MP3 playing application “Nintendo Sound” is still pretty basic(but at least it finally plays MP3s, which is more than can be said for the original DS edition which only played AAC!)

But it’s also got 3D video recording now(10 minutes maximum).

Couldn’t disagree more. I’ve found iPods less reliable, the iTunes software more buggy, and the proprietary garbage in Apple far more annoying than products from other manufacturers. I’ve owned both Creative and iPod, and have tolerated my kids owning several iPods. I’ll stick with Creative. It’s outlasted several iPods and had an FM tuner long before Apple finally bought a clue and included one on theirs.

It’s far easier to put and maintain the Creative’s music library on multiple machines, transfer it, transfer single tracks etc. than Apple. I also like the controls better than the iPods. Just my .02. But then, I still buy a lot of CDs and buy very few tracks on line, I guess if you love iTunes for buying your music than it probably works better with an iPod.

I have a philips. Works fine. Simple and very easy to use and understand. Does a great job.

I like sony walkman, as well. Either one is good.

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