What brings non-Catholics to CAF?

I have seen Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Agnostics, and Atheists here (I have yet to see Islam represented) and am curious as to what brought you to CAF? I’m here to learn about my Catholic faith, and would love to hear why others are here.

There are several Muslims currently active, actually, and at least one who has converted from Islam to Catholicism.

When I first joined, it seemed that every other thread was being hijacked by atheists, and I couldn’t understand why it was being tolerated. The other posters were so charitable, I took it to mean they didn’t understand they were being trolled by atheists and I started a thread about it. I got sanctioned almost immediately for saying something uncharitable.


I still think the atheists who come and stay are up to no good (there is one notable exception), but I usually don’t engage with them, because they simply anger me too much and I become very uncharitable.


I became interested in the Catholic church and as one who tends to study what I can find online about things I found this site. I love it and have learned a great deal here.
Now I am looking forward to RCIA and Confirmation next Easter!

Welcome and may God Bless you on your spiritual journey. Ask any questions you may have or concerns.

Ha Ha, that’s what got me last Easter. Took about two years of seeking first.

Thank you all for your posts so far! I didn’t know how well this topic was going to fly when I posted it. I’d be embarassed if NOBODY replied!

Yes CAF is great huh.
After some research I started attending Mass.
I have now done some reading ie “Surprised by truth” and am reading Catholisism for Dummies. I have met people in the parish and they have loaned me other material as well.
I went to Inquirey and have a sponsor too :slight_smile:

Depends on the person.

Originally I joined for advice since I’m marrying in to a super Catholic family. Almost everyone was incredibly mean and hurtful to me. So I stuck around because I’m competitive and proud, and I wasn’t going to let anyone scare me away. Eventually I just started to really enjoy the discussions, debates, and conversations.

Occasionally someone is still unkind to me, but for the most part the people on here are very pleasant.

Well welcome and hopefully everyone here will welcome you with open arms.

No doubt I am here because the Catholic church attracts me more than it repels me.

And I love the sound of my own voice.

I’m here because I decided recently to reexamine the Catholic Church’s claims to be the one true, apostolic church. I was a serious Catholic about 27 years ago, then left for Protestantism, and now I feel drawn to explore the Church.

What exactly is “Inquiry”? I noticed a local Catholic parish listed that in their schedule, but I couldn’t figure out what it is. I’m guessing it’s a place at the church for non-Catholics to ask questions, but is that all?

It would likely be a class or a meeting, like an “Intro to the Church” type of thing, a lot less formal than RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) which is not binding in any way but tends to be people who have already decided to convert or to become Catholic.

Its like an introduction. You can ask questions and learn about the Catholic Church then decide if you want to continue.

I enjoy learning more about Catholicsm (and Orthodox for that matter). I think it’s healthy to compare belief systems in order to make sure we’re on the right path or to strengthen our resolve so that we can build up a proper defense for what we believe.

That and other Christian message boards are not very good. At least I haven’t found any good ones.

You are the “notable exception” I mentioned in my post.


I hate to bring a downote to this thread, but…
there are a few (not too many) Protestants who come here to argue, critcise, and proseletyze. Some just want to “set us straight”.

I came here full-time February 2011, because the end of 2010 seemed to be one of the most difficult times in my life with a couple of protestant relatives, and aquaintences. I was just tired of being hurt, grilled, and laughed at! I figured it was time to get more educated, I needed to learn how to talk with them…

I am also here because, outside of my husband and children, I really don’t hang out with any practicing Catholics. Now I’m here with Catholics everyday:-) and to be quite honest, each day I share with my family what I have learned here, and it has helped me in communicating more effectively with those relatives of mine:-) …(sometimes when I hang up the phone from talking with them… I am like “thank you Lord, You did good”)

Thanks to this site, I have also been educated about other denominations. Before coming here I did not know what other denoms believed in or taught. Also, in the thirteen years I have been a practicing Catholic, I have never heard a priest say, or teach anything negative about another religion…that’s the truth:-) I’m proud to be a Catholic!!

Thank you CAF

I see that in some threads and posts. I notice none of them have come to this thread and actually said as much. In MY opinion, there are some who seem openly hostile. I would especially like to know why THOSE members are here.

To harass Catholics, although they won’t admit to it.


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