What brought you into Catholicism?


I am not asking, what made you convert, I mean just the initial things that drew you in and caught your attention.

For myself, being an art student, I found it was a mixture of the religious artwork I was studying. This, as well as the musician Nick Cave, lead me to look into saints. Reading about saints lives and their relationships with God could really convert anyone, their lives are simply amazing. I also came across documentaries about nuns, went to Italy by chance and then finally plucked up the courage to go to mass. This process took me a year. I never thought that listening to Post-Punk music and painting a lot in my teens would lead me into this, I wasn’t born and raised Catholic and I feel extremely lucky to have God in my life.




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Several hints over the years fell on my deaf ears. It was a Catholic wife that took me to Lourdes, managed to get us in a crowd that received Pope Saint John Paul II’s Apostolic blessing - and the rest, as they say, is hostory.

But wait, there’s more! I was a very lukewarm Catholic until I submitted to the Holy Spirit at a Life in the Spirit seminar.

BOOM! Everything changed. Faith deepened. Love of the Sacraments. The Rosary, Chaplet of divine Mercy. Scripture reading. Prayer, Adoration. Miracles.

No looking back!


Fantastic :star2:


Beauty and unchanging truth.


My loneliness. I was trying to find some human companionship but ended up finding God.


Hearing Al Kresta’s voice while channel-surfing the AM band one day in S. E. Michigan, and then staying on when Catholic Answers came on immediately after.


I converted to join the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal(God willing)


My baptism when I was a few weeks old in 1946 . Thanks to my faithful parents .


I’ll try to keep this short. I was Baptized Catholic as a baby but that’s where it ended. When I would spend summers with my dad I would attend church (baptist) with him and my stepmom. They stopped going to church when I was like 10 or 12. Fast forward to 2016 my dad passed away and he left these prayer cards for each of his children. At the bottom of mine it said “Help him find the church”. A few weeks later I attended my first Mass. From there I went through RCIA with my wife. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to the Catholic church. My mom (who passed away in 2007) came from a Catholic family but she wasn’t practicing. All I can say is I honestly think the Holy Spirit gave me a push in the right direction.


The fear of hell, initially. Now I’m drawn towards Catholicism because we have a loving God that really loves and cares for us, which is in contrast to other religions where their so called gods can’t even be trusted.


Me, I am a cradle Catholic -
but early on - I liked to write poetry - all subjects -
and the more I jotted down ideas - and beheld things -
the more I became more appreciative of God’s wonders and mysteries !

I read your other post - and I am quite admiring you !
You seem to be following, like Hansel and Gretel, God’s bread crumbs - on the path !


Mainly, it was the Eucharist. In the Lutheran church we hardly ever got to take communion. Also, related, you can go to church virtually any day you want to–and you get to take communion every single time! Just mind-blowing! I go to Mass two or three times a week. It never gets old, the opportunity to do this.


Catholic school, my Aunt, and frustration with Protestantism.


I was exploring other isms like Buddhism and Existentialism, when who should turn up out of the blue, but good old Catholicism. We’ve become pretty good friends as we learn to accept each other , warts and all…


Study of the Bible, and study of Church history.




I don’t have the answer you are looking for cos my answer is my mom’s arms (I was 5 months old) but I just wanted to say…Hi another Nick Cave fan here… we live in the same town and I am hoping I bump into him before he moves to the US…no luck yet.

I also feel blessed to have God in my life… especially since I was an idiot once and walked away and lucky for me Our God is so great He kept calling til cloth ears (me) heard and came back…phew.


To keep it brief, I was curious to finally look into the Church after seeing my parents’ joy in their conversion, and my own dissatisfaction with Evangelical teaching.

I stayed because of the Church’s foundations and authority, the Eucharist, liturgy, beauty, and rich tradition. Also, the Church’s fidelity to all of Scripture.


oh and the answer for me was quantum physics with the negation of causality and locality in this universe.

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