What brought you into Catholicism?


Once I got the notion that the Lord intended me to be Catholic the thing that attracted me to the Church was her ancientness, her universality and her silence. In that way she has the uncanny ability to draw people unto herself.


When I started looking at the lives of some of the saints it opened me up to the beauty of the Church.


Good luck :slight_smile:


Pretty amazing


Intellectual satisfaction, history class, and aesthetics.


I was born a Catholic, but was not devout until last summer.


The truth brought me to the Catholic Church :slightly_smiling_face:


I was brought to the Church through the Eucharist. As soon as I realized the truth of the Real presence I couldn’t stay away.


I’m a revert. Seeing Catholic culture in Europe–crucifixes and Marian shrines on city street corners, beautiful Baroque churches, Catholic art, etc–strongly influenced my return to the faith. As an American, I had never experienced being surrounded in public life by Catholic culture.


I’m a cradle, brought initially to the Church by my parents. As an adult, I gradually drifted off into being a sinner, a “cultural Catholic” and a Chreaster. I got tired of my sins, my mom got sick, I made a pilgrimage to Italy and saw the Pope, I started to drift back.

My mom died and Pope Francis declared the Year of Mercy, trying to encourage people to come back to church, so those two things gave me a big push. I started confessing every month and going to Mass every Sunday. I did another pilgrimage to Spain and also drove around visiting churches with Holy Doors to get indulgences for my relatives. I discovered I enjoyed church and prayer a lot more than some of the bad stuff I’d previously been doing. Jesus is a pretty drama-free friend.

Then one night I was up late reading about Paste Pio and hell and got scared I wasn’t doing enough for the souls of my deceased loved ones, or for my own, so I got really into it and joined some prayer forums, bought a Rugged Rosary and started seriously trying to pray and attend Mass a lot. The rest is history.


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