What businesses are taboo for Catholics?!?


I just heard a lady on Catholic radio talking about all the industries in which Catholics may not participate. She noted that Catholic organizations were selling off their hospitals because of abortion mandated by ACA. And mentioned Catholic doctors, nurses and pharmacists having to think about getting a new profession. And she noted that Catholics may not supply any wedding support services for gay marriage. I question whether selling flowers or a cake to a gay couple is proximate–is that the word?–enough to support of evil so can somebody enlighten me? Thanks.


Gay people are not lepers whose contagion limits all contact by "good Christian " people.
Whilst doctors and nurses are given freedom of conscience in fulfilling their vital and holy work they can work in public hospitals even if the number of D & Cs seem too high, or there are abortionists working on the staff.
Even lawyers can be good men and women.
I would probably exclude running a brothel or a SP bookie operation from my professional interest, but in the case of bookmaking it depends on conscience.
I would not be a payday lender; or in any profession which feeds off the ignorant and poor.


In the case of the Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists, it would depend on how formally they are cooperating with the abortions. A doctor who actually performs abortions is of course evil. A doctor or nurse who works at a hospital where other doctors prescribe abortifacient drugs, but when the hospital’s major purpose is not abortion, are perhaps more remote and may not be morally culpable, just as a doctor or nurse who works in a hospital where vasectomies or tubectomies are performed cannot be held morally culpable.

I also hold your view on the wedding support services. I think (but I am open to criticism) that there is a lot of debate going on about this, and that woman was expressing her opinion, not docterine.

As for “taboo” professions :

Working at an abortion clinic would be a no-no.

Maybe owning a casino, less so if you are only working in one.

Any position in an Adult book/movie store/publisher/website or Strip Clubs.


Meth Cook.

Cat Burglar.


I think people in these businesses who struggle with this in conscience need to talk to their spiritual director/priest. These kinds of things can lead to scrupulosity and shooting oneself in the foot unnecessarily.

Frankly, it bothers me when someone says publicly that other Catholics have an obligation (that word carries significant moral weight and should never be used lightly) to quit their jobs, risking losing a business or even be martyrs for the faith.


The idea that Doctors and Nurses should quit their jobs is absurd. Certainly those involved directly in abortion, sterilizations, or contraception are in sin; the rest of us are doing the work of our Lord. What would healthcare look like without genuinely Christian hands providing it?

I’m glad, retrospectively, that my sister-in-law and I ended our wedding consulting service in 2001. I do think weddings are now a tricky place for persons of faith.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found the dance world to be hard, as well. Probably all of the arts have their tough spots. You have to be a light in the darkness, a voice of reason.

Goes without saying that anything that makes profit of sin (pornography, prostitution, strip clubs, “romance” novels) would be verboten.



You forgot prostitute


Love it. Sometimes, I wish there were a like button here.


You forgot banker.

While most Christians, including the Catholic Church, have changed their moral teaching on the subject, the bible is clear. Money lending for profit is forbidden.


The moral teaching has not changed, but that is another subject. Informed Catholics can be bankers, but not loan sharks.





And for the same reason, I’d think being a pimp would be discouraged.


Let’s see, so you shouldn’t sell yourself, lie, cheat, steal, or cooperate with criminals…

You need to add “politician” to your list.



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