What came first, life or knowledge?

God or the sciences?
Flesh or knowledge?
When was the marriage between the two?

What part of mankind is the first and what part is the second?

Explain the creation of he soul with those two elements?

Blessing’s, Aj

God (who is spirit) always existed so He came first. God knows all things, so knowledge came before flesh. God created a body for man. When He breathed a soul into the body, man was first created. We don’t know what was the interval between God’s creation of the body of the first man and the infusion of the soul. But it wasn’t a ‘man’ until the soul was infused. So, although the body may have been prepared first, mankind came into being when soul and body were united.

In each man, the flesh (and soul) come first; knowledge comes from the man’s experiences. Science comes from man’s discoveries about God’s creation.

We don’t believe in the pre-existance of each soul. God creates a soul for each man when the body is conceived.

Is this what you were asking or have I missed your point?

Yes, God has always been but not man.

The story of the creation deals with as you stated, quote: “mankind came into being when soul and body were united”.

So according to the story the clay vessel was first made without life, right?

Now you mentioned something that is worth noting and that word was “interval”.

I would not use that word between the flesh and the spirit since both are married together as one.

So would it not conclude that it happened a the point of creation, rather than after at some interval?

The point of my thread is born out of another thread titled "The 6,000 year old earth, to deduce at what point knowledge was gained in order for the sciences to be studied.

And your correct on this: “In each man, the flesh (and soul) come first; knowledge comes from the man’s experiences. Science comes from man’s discoveries about God’s creation”

In other words, the sciences would not be science until knowledge was first given to a soul with intelligence.

I just wanted to know what some thought about it.

Blessing’s, AJ

God is knowledge itself, so knowledge came before creation. Science is the observation of the Universe, and that came after man was created, for it is man that started science, though it was God who first observed the world. The human person is body and soul; at the moment of conception, God gives the animal a soul, so that it becomes a human person, a creature of matter and of spirit. When a person obtains his first knowledge, I don’t know exactly, but I know it is not before conception.

I agree with you on all that you stated and would like to add that on the issue of when one obtains knowledge, I believe it is at the point of accountability.

It is akin to eating of the tree of knowledge, but at the right age.

Blessing’s, AJ

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