What Came First, the Birds or the Bishops?


Who got named “Cardinal” first, the birds or the bishops?

Or was it the baseball team…:hmmm:

I’m asking this because a few years back a fundamentalist told me, “Catholics worship birds”.


“Catholics worship birds”?

What a bird-brained statement to make!


the term 'cardinal" means “hinge”


The Cardinal Bishops came first. The bird was named for the color of the cardinals’ cassocks.


Does a priest have to be a Bishop first to become a Cardinal? (or Archbishop?)


No. If he’s not a Bishop, he’s automatically ordained one at the time he’s made a Cardinal. This was the case for Cardinal Avery Dulles. He was a priest before being elevated to Cardinal.

I have a similiar, but unrelated question:

Does anyone know which came first, the color orange, or the fruit? (I’m serious).

In Christ,



:hmmm: No idea :).


That one’s tough. I can tell you at least it’s of Latin extraction, and French, Italian and Spanish all use the same word for the colour as the fruit, so it seems to me that both uses are quite ancient. Unfortunately, neither of my Latin dictionaries have that particular word in them…


Cardinal Dulles is not a bishop. He requested, and received, an exemption from Pope John Paul II at the time he became a cardinal.


The color, it was identified with the (Dutch) House of Orange.
In fact when oranges were introduced to Great Britain they were called noranges, from the Spanish naranjas – but very soon a norange became an orange and so it has remained since.

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