What can a friend do about being cursed by her mother?

A close friend left her parents house and started living together with her boyfriend at the time. She became pregnant. The boyfriend asked her mother to allow them to marry. The mother denied him the request. In turn, the mother cursed her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. Ever since then, everything the daughter gets involved in or tries to work on, ie: her relationship with her boyfriend (whom she married) and are now separated and almost at a divorce level, work, friends, etc. does not work. I believe she was cursed by her mother.
How can she get rid of this curse? What steps must be taken in order for this curse to go away?
Please help me guide her to take this curse away.



According to Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea in the book, “An Interview With An Exorcist,” (available through shop.Catholic.com) the first person to be affected by a curse is the one who initiated the curse. Whether or not the curse has any affect on the one cursed depends on whether God allows it to have an effect.

The person who has been cursed needs to pray the rosary, read the Bible, speak with God daily, attend Mass frequently, place a blessed crucifix and image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the house, and make the sign of the cross with holy water daily. If things do not get better, then the person was not affected by the curse.

I suspect that this is the case with the couple you mention. They hardly started out on the right foot. The impinging divorce could have been inevitable since they were trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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