What can be done about the absurd allegations of this site?


On checking my emails again, see I have received two more from that site I have frequentely asked not to email me. I find their material offencive and do not wish to receive it, yet still they ignore and send it.

This is their latest

There is no Biblical reason to keep Sunday holy; the only reason why Christians keep Sunday rather than the Sabbath is because the Roman Catholic Church made the change.

The video quotes the Catholic Church stating, “We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church in the Council of Laodicea (364 A.D.) transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.”

During the Dark Ages the Roman Catholic Church inflicted imprisonment, torture and death upon those who refused to yield Biblical truths. [Biblical] prophecy conveys that such action will again be repeated [by the Roman Catholic Church] against those who keep God’s commandments, said Doss.

World’s Last Chance desires the world to be enlightened concerning the truth of the Sabbath, a day that God has set aside for Himself.

One accepts that folk are entitled to their views. No where on this forum has anyone ever told me ‘what I should believe’ or ‘where I should worship’. I really find it offensive to keep receiving this sort of attack. Quite frankly it makes me feel ill. I have asked I have demanded not to be emailed but still they continue. What can I do to stop them?


Have you marked them as spam?
That could help.

What is their website?


Check your e-mail settings you can choose to refuse messages from any site or put the messages into a bulk or spam folder.


Sounds like someone you know that knows your email address is an SDA and has you subscribed and will continue to keep you subscribed. I just recently got a SDA fired at work for doing that to me.


Hi, I have tried to copy it from my emails and post it here, but for some reason the editor won’t post it. But it is ‘worlds last chance’


Thank you for your suggestions.


Copy it to a text file first. then copy and paste it here.

For that matter PM me and I will tell you my email address and you can forward it to me.




What a joke.:tsktsk:

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