What can be done?


I have been Catholic now for six months and I feel I can ask this question. After reading Mr. Keating’s emails concerning dissident priests and religious I am saddened even more than I’ve become in my first six months. I love the Church but don’t like what I see in many churches. My parish Priest if a wonderful man who went out of his way to bring my wife and I into the Church, but our church lacks the look and feel of a Catholic Church. We have touchdown Jesus, the tabernacle cannot be seen from most of the seats, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph are in the back, the chairs for the Priest and Deacon are in the middle back of the church, we have few alter boys, and our Extraordinary Eucharist Ministers are mostly women who wear jeans and other inappropriate dress. I could go on but won’t. The order of Mass as best as I can tell is perfect compared to other posts I’ve seen.

To Mr. Keating’s letter I am amazed that there are priest and religious with the audacity to openly support issues so against the dogmas and doctrines of the Church. What is the Holy Father doing that he cannot address these issues in this country? The Bishops are mostly silent and they are appointed by the Pope. Can he not fire them; is he unaware of these issues? I am at a loss as to why this goes on without someone being slapped down hard.

Ok that’s it, and for those who will say how dare I go on about he Church like this, you should go back to the Pentecostal church, I won’t and you’re stuck with a zealous convert.

Peace, Mike


**Mike, **
Don’t fret.
Unfortunately there ARE some priests and parishes that are less than - oh, shall we say, “Orthodox”? It drives me crazy when I see a lot of these thing, too.
This is a problem that has plagued the Church since the very beginning, and - dare I say - will be around until the Lord returns. If you need some comfort in knowing this, read the letters to the 7 churches in Asia at the beginning of the Book of Revelation
Be strong, for our Lord will not abandon us. He knows what is in your heart. Keep the faith, my brother.



I share your sorrow. What you might do is make an appointment with your pastor and share with him the sorrow you have. I’ve found that many priests don’t respond to the “The rubrics state…” kind of arguments. Instead, tell them how your are heart-broken and desire to experience the Latin Rite liturgy as it has been authentically promulgated by the Holy See. Surely he should care about the heart-ache caused by such liturigical innovations, and agree that a Catholic has an just expectation to the authentic Latin Rite liturgy, since that is the Rite that you belong to. In other words, it is the Latin Rite, not the “Pastor Bob” Rite of the Catholic Church that we have a right as Catholics to expect.


I totally agree (speaking as a woman who is a Eucharistic Minister, though I never, ever wear jeans to Mass :wink: ).

I, too, am a convert, and always smile when I hear the phrase, “There is no zealot like a convert”.

Not to say, of course, that Cradle Catholics aren’t zealous, just that there isn’t a zealot LIKE a convert. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there other parishes in your community that offer a more orthodox setting and Liturgy? I’ve found that even in the Memphis area there are parishes for every level of orthodoxy, one just has to have the contacts to ask which one’s which.

Best of luck


Give your pastor a copy of the new book, What Happens At Mass by Father Jeremy Driscoll. It’s a short, beautifully written book on the theology and mysticism of the Catholic Mass.

It’s so good, that our Pastor decided to “clean up” the way he celebrated Mass, based upon what he’d read in the book.

Jeremy Driscoll is considered to be one of the world’s top Catholic theologians. Your priest will like it to be sure.

God Bless!

(Plus, the book is inexpensive).


Brovo Mike, and thanks for having the courage to tell the Truth and to stand up for what’s right. Remember, Our Lord may have brought you into His Holy Catholic Church for this very reason; to help bring it back to the Holiness that it is called to have. Thank you.

Your brother in Christ.


Friend, I am right there with you…


Since, like all of us, you hear about and notice so many abuses taking place, your immediate action is not to be one of sadness and melancholy but hope and confidence. When you hear about or witness an abuse taking place you are to make an act of contrition there and then and try to comfort the Heart of Christ to whom all judgement and mercy belong.

Smother these abuses with apologies to the Lord and you will appease His sorrowful heart.

If enough of us do that, then Christ will be given the Glory through all the madness.


I am with you too. Also, don’t only look at where some of the clergy have fallen.

Look also at the behaviour of some of the laity who set themselves up in positions of influence without knowing the first thing about what the Church teaches and – if what they propose is any indication – without caring. That same little clique of laity obstruct the little people from working in the vineyard.

Since you are new to the Church, I recommend finding an orthodox corner of the Church and allow yourself to be nurtured in the Spirit for a goodly time – say two years.


I agree Ani…2 yrs…is a good time period…


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