What can catholics do to prevent hate crimes?


As a philosemite, i am concerned about western civilization’s new wave of neo nazi fascism. Do you think that historical scape goats, such as jews, are threatened by this new wave of fascism? And if so, what can liberals do to prevent violence and discrimination against potential targets such as jews? I have come across neo nazi rants, stereotyping jews as media control freaks, globalist, infallible hypocrites and blood thirsty. Accordng to the fbi, jewish hate crimes have been on the rise in the united states:

Here is an article:


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We can keep trying to convert them!


Recognize that a source of anti-Semitism also comes from Islam and the left and not just the neo-nazis. Latino and Black supremacy groups also target the Jews.

These are tiresome, false accusations.


A crime is a crime. It matters not whether there was hate involved.


I’m not committing such crimes myself, nor do I have any animosity towards Jewish people or any other group of law abiding people. I also haven’t noticed any sort of discrimination or hatred against Jewish people I know or who live in my area. If one of my friends suffered from this I would offer support, but honestly they all seem to be doing fine.

There’s probably a boatload more discrimination these days against Islamic people in my areas, to be honest. Last year, one of my community groups collected donations of greeting cards and gift cards for a local Muslim kid who was beat up and had to go in the hospital. He was a good kid and good student and was just walking down the street minding his own business when some jerks who probably aren’t even from this town decided to jump him. I sent a card and a gift card to his family.

To my knowledge, no one I know is involved in hate crimes. If they were, I’d tell them to stop and if necessary report them to the police. Nor have I seen any discrimination going on at work or in local stores or any of that. My workplace has got people from all over the world working there and you can literally find some of everything.

Aside from all this, I am not sure how the presence of stupid stuff on the web automatically means it is going on in our communities for us to do something about. Many of the so-called “hate groups” identified by Southern Poverty Law Center in and around my areas are actually Nation of Islam groups. A number of the others are like three guys operating out of a basement in some rural town two counties away that I never go to and have nothing to do with.


Being very vocal about it can help. People of such hatred thrive under deflections and lack of clarity. When society generally calls them out for their hatred and make it clear that’s not acceptable, these groups lose their power.

Also…we can actually do something about it. Confronting a hateful person for instance. I’m not saying you do this of course, but there’s a video of a white man shouting racial slurs at a chinese man and people (even poc) just stood there and watched it. It’s very frustrating because I’m sure they go home and act like activists online or to their circle of friends.


Not hate, I suppose.

Is there such a thing as a “love crime”?


I was at a retreat by a priest who said that this hatred comes from Satan ultimately because Satan hates everyone and whats to destroy everyone. I can’t remember all the reasons he gave but Satan hates Jews because they’re God’s chosen people and not to mention the Mother of God was jewish and Jesus was Jewish too. Naturally he tries to put this sort hatred into the hearts of humans that tends to grow and simmer over type. However the ultimately answer to any form of hatred is the Love and charity. As christians we know the greatest love of all was of course our Lord dying on his cross for us but it may not exactly take that form but we should use the little way demonstrated by St therese of Liseaux as a means to sow a seeds of love. The smallest kind act out of love and faith can be a huge impact. Of course we should always pray and discern as well.
Just my two cents.


Last May in Portland, Oregon, two men tried to confront a guy who was yelling racial and ethnic slurs at some women and the guy stabbed both of the men to death. The reality is that somebody yelling racial slurs out in public is likely either mentally disturbed or under the influence of drugs and you need to be careful not to put yourself in danger when confronting them.


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