What can Catholics do to stop Governments deporting children with disabilities

What-if anything-can Catholics do to stop Governments deporting families with children with a disability?

I hate seeing/hearing about my government targeting the vulnerable and denying permanent residency to families because they have a child with a disability.

This to me is heartless,and the worst expression of society.

It is perceived that they will be a burden on taxpayers but meanwhile taxpayers are paying for prisoners to be held,fed etc and also including prisoners there for terrorism offense/plannings…

Prisoners often choose their decisions but parents don’t choose their child to be born with illness.
I don’t want to choose but if have to choose I know which one I rather help.

Is there anything that can be done to change this?
Ie:just us writing to government doesn’t help and gets ignored…


Equating prisoners and terrorists to Anchor babies is a little bit much, unless you’re advocating those criminals get the death penalty in order to save the taxpayers a lot of money.

Yes the child with disabilities never chose to be disabled, but that child’s parents chose to break the law and disrespect the sovereignty of the nation they illegally came into ( hence why they’re being deported). The best thing any good Catholic could do for these people is pray for them. Which I encourage everyone to do.


This would be the case if there was a fair and easy application system in all poor countries for people.

Also,it’s not really taking into consideration the awful realties of people’s current lives in regards to their safety and poverty.
Some of these people don’t pay people smugglers because they want to break a countries sovereignty law but rather they do it for desperation.

My own father left what used to be old Yugoslavija illegally from his own country (it was communism and borders were closed).
He felt he had to do this because he was living in extreme poverty with no opportunities (he grew up without even toilet paper).
I am greatful for the opportunities I have that my parents didn’t have.

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We can get involved with our electoral process. Work for candidates who will be women and men of honor and moral compass, support at local, state and national level. Donate to campaigns, give your time and energy to change our nation.


We are taking about politicians, yes?:joy:
Personally @Thelittlelady
I don’t believe many such politicians exist
and the majority are self serving and childish.
Politics unfortunately attracts a certain type of person,one who is willing to play childish games “finger pointing” at the other party instead of improving the country.

All the good people who would genuinely serve and make a difference to society get put off to go into politics because they see instead of being able to produce change,it instead becomes a life of sitting in Canberra (in Oz) with juvenile types shouting back and forth.

I am glad you still have faith in politics.
While I am not a millennial and am just on cusp of Gen Y,I am long disillusioned with politics and politicians.

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I think you should reconsider thelittlelady’s idea about getting informed and supporting candidates who support your goals.

Unfortunately the US can not let every person, disabled child or not into our country and support them with tax payer money. They also cannot let those who broke the law to not be deported. We could spend more wisely with the vast amount of foreign aid we send to many countries each year, to ensure that money improves the lives of the citizens of those countries. A better long term solution, in my opinion, would be to help countries to govern better to aid thier own citizens. This is something you could directly influence with who you vote for.


Maybe you have a calling to run for office!!

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Lol😀.I don’t think I’m up to handling the public scrutiny.
I would perhaps consider it if the “system was different and I didn’t think it would just be a “political life” of sitting in Canberra and bickering back and forth,getting caught up in office politics and nothing getting changed.
My uncle is a local councilor in Croatia but here is different and more like the English parliament.
I think once people get caught up in the system they often lose themselves (if not already that way).

I accept that it’s not realistic to allow that and I agree with your long term solution.
I just don’t feel it’s very Christian that out of the people that are allowed to “stay” that the decision is made based off “survival of the fittest”.
Eg:an Irish who came from opportunity might be given permanent residency because they are a “skilled worker” but a family with disable child denied.

We should look after people with disabilities or those who start at a more disadvantaged level of live.

Some people might reason that it’s necessary to accept the one that is skilled worker to fill job vacancies but as long as there is an unemployment rate in the country I don’t agree with that reasoning.
Instead there could be training offered to poor Indigenous people to fill those roles.


Where are you getting this information that immigration decisions are based on survival of the fittest?

There are many ways to enter the US legally, work visas, student visas, as a legal refugee or asylum seeker, through chain migration, ect. At one point we had a literal immigration lottery where you had to meet almost no criteria to enter, but to be chosen at random.

I see you are writing about Australia. Please forgive me I wrongly assumed you were in the US. I know nothing of your countries immigration policies and will have to bow out of the discussion now. :no_mouth:

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VOTE!! And make the voice of reason and charity be heard.

Yeah, politicians, bureaucrats, and all the rich corrupt, are a heavy burden…Just think of the trillion dollar bail-outs governments (all over the world, with tax-payer money) payed to banks without a single thief going to jail. That’s the problem, not a few families of migrants and their children with disabilities.


I don’t know how the system works in USA sorry.I am referring to the process in Australia but I assume USA may be similar?

I definitely couldn’t see us having a immigration lottery here though as it would be considered controversial.

I should have mentioned that with a lot of these families being denied permanent residency one of the parents often has come to Australia on a working/graduate visa and they haven’t all come illegally.

Even with the ones that came illegally (by boat) that have disabled children,then I presume that looking after the child would consume most of their money and time and they may not be in position to attain higher education etc…

You have quite a movement there that is objecting to Australia’s policies in this regard. Join them. Ask them how you can get involved. Your local diocese may also be involved–check!


Yes I am very proud that some Australians care enough to help people like this family and we can sign things on Change organisation online etc.
I guess I have just become a bit disheartened to think it doesn’t make a difference especially when you hear story after story or hear the family was deported after anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion about the local diocese.

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Southern Slav :slight_smile: that’s very interesting, folks from there have a curious ethnicity. Regrettably I do not know that part of Europe well.

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Pray for the child.

If they are being deported then it’s probably because they are here illegally. If you break the rules you get punished.

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They have not always came illegally.
In the case in the link,the father was originally granted skilled graduate visa.

Isn’t it obvious, just sign the darn petition requesting special treatment by the govt.

I’ve already done it:)

I can only read the article up to the part where subscription is necessary.
It seems that Cardinal Sarah is opposed to the “Marrakech pact” and his view is in difference with the Vatican that supports it.
The Cardinal also seems like a strong denouncer of Islam and refers to it as Islamic Barbarism in the article.
My guess is that the Cardinals views about migration are possibly tied into his views about Islam as most of Europe’s refugees today are coming from Islamic countries (different for US refugees which are mainly Mexicans I think?)

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