What can Christians do to make people feel welcome


I think it just depends on what you go to church seeking. Catholics sometimes try to give the impression there is a uniform motivation for being a member if the Church. I have found this to not be true. Some people go for community. Some people go for peace and solace. Some people go because they feel like they’re supposed to. There are as many reasons as there are people. I think you just need to find a church you feel comfortable in, if going to church is something you are interested in.


What all religions can do to make people feel welcome is to know the difference between a social club and a place where you come to be challenged and engaged in your puzzlement. And also have a sense of sacredness rather than secrecy about them.


It is a craft not a religion but you can be a witch and practice any religion you want. I know some Christians that do this. Mostly in my interpretation it’s quite similar as the cunning folk.


I’m just not interested in practicing Christianity which is fine. I’m just curious


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