What can demons do, how can they do it, and why does God allow it?

What would you say to someone who had a fit of hiccups every time he tried to pray, and was becoming convinced that God either didn’t want to hear from him, or that God doesn’t exist?

Could demons be doing this?

It’s not a case of demonic possesion, because he has full control of his mind and body most of the time, but when he tries to pray he’s unable to concerntrate because of the hiccups.

Could a demon cause his body to do things to distract him while praying?

How could spirit beings produce effects like that in a physical body, and why would God allow it?

And in the history of the Church, has anyone ever had a similar problem?

Saint John Vianney’s bed was set afire by the evil one. Saint Padre Pio physically fought with evil. They can be given control over physical objects. Parts of the body? Hmmm, Job’s body was afflicted with boils by the evil one. Hiccups should be a piece of cake. This could be a case of oppression. Let us ponder: if there was no God, why would this happen precisely when it does? Who is it that seeks to disrupt or destroy our relationshuip with God? Sounds spiritual to me.

Yes, Yes, Yes. Demons can distract you when you try to become close to God. They can attack you also. Saints in the Church were attacked physically by demons all throughout history. All this is at God’s will. God uses demons to bring us closer to Him. As for your friend, hiccups may or may not be demonic attacks. If it is, it is a pretty ineffectual one. Your friend can pray silently, can’t he? He can do that with or without hiccups. If he’s worried about it, have him pray for protection first, before his other prayers. Pray the St. Michael prayer.

Just “coincidentally” a few minutes ago, I was skimming this thread from 2010: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=485976

The OP had begun to read the bible when, all of a sudden, things just began happening and ended up threatening his marriage. The evil one. He hates all that is good and holy. Prayers, too.

If you ask me, this is probably a psychological thing. I have had weirder things happen just because I have the most overactive imagination ever…

Although it could be psychological I think it could be spiritual too. As we’ve become more involved in science, we’ve dismissed demons as being superstition. Oddly enough, the Church has, reportedly, trained more priests to be exorcists so the Church must know something.

Simultaneously, I find that priests don’t promote the blessing of homes, and the wearing of religious medals. I think your friend would benefit from both plus a good confession where he should tell the priest about his hiccups.

I’ve watched showes about morbidly obese people, hoarders, murderers, drug addicts and have wondered if some of these people aren’t possessed and if that possibility hasn’t been totally overlooked.

IDK about them causing drug addiction, as I have seen and read a few things that seem to suggest Satan does not want humans using any type of drug…I know it sounds kind of strange, and I dont claim to understand it. I think it has something to do with keeping people under complete control and drug use does not go hand in hand with control, maybe there is another reason too though?

I know demons cause alot of problems, but Ive wondered why they dont cause MORE problems than they do…like if someone is into the occult/spells, and summons a demon on purpose, since its pretty clear demons do not like humans at all, why dont I ever hear of demons manifesting into a physical form and just wreaking havoc on that persons house, and/or then go into the city causing all kinds of problems, going about harming or even trying to kill people, kind of like letting a ‘monster’ off the leash…Strange that they dont seem to do this type of thing. If they did, seems like it would be to their benefit, as they would have everyone scared to even walk outside!

I realize things like this probably happened in the past, but not so much today (that I know of anyway), Could it be that this IS happening, and we just do not hear of stories like this…in that media will not mention it?

I think Satan delights in having humans addicted to any vice thereby putting their addictions before God. It can be food or drink leading to the sin of gluttony and alcholoism, addiction to sex leading to the sin of lust, envy to murder, hoarding to sloth etc. These addictions not only cause havoc with the individual but also to the family and friends and society as a whole.

As far as calling up demons, there was a story in the paper last week of two 12 and 13 yr. old girls stabbing a friend almost to death thinking they were called to do so by some character (Slim Man or something) on the computer. This character looks very demonic. I had to ask myself what person would be so moved as to create something that looks evil, establish a site for its existence, publish it for the general public, while simultaneously parents are obvilious to what their kids are doing on the computer and how it effects them.

Not that this is new. We’ve all been warned about playing with Ouija boards. And I recall where there was a lot of questions regarding Dungeons and Dragons games.

Oh yes, I dont doubt the slenderman was created with some less than positive intentions, id say Satan probably had a hand in the person or company that created this beings image, and also that led to it being so ‘successful’, in that it was able to reach and effect so many people, that is generally not something humans can do on their own, or maybe slenderman is just a fake name for a real demon, who knows, anything is possible I guess.

I disagree though about satan delighting in drug abuse, I have heard from numerous people and sources that drug use is not something encouraged by practicing satanists, as they dont like the idea of people being unpredictable and uncontrollable, satan prefers people to be in a state where they are easy to control. Thats just my opinion though.

My dear sister-in-law (unfortunately, no longer with us) and I used to talk about this kind of thing a lot. It was a common occurrence when we prayed together, especially the Rosary. The devil loves to distract us at those times. We would either get the hiccups, or start yawning (dosing off), or even have horrendously evil thoughts come into our minds, whenever we were trying to pray.

Now, I tend to just laugh at the demon and keep on praying through it. The devil hates being ignored or laughed at (read that somewhere from several Saints). It bruises his gigantic ego, and ticks him off. So, if it happens to you (or anyone), just keep on trying to ignore it. Don’t let him know that it annoys you. Eventually he’ll get bored and try to find someone else to bother. As someone else said, saying the St. Michael Prayer, before and after praying, might also help a bit. The devil wants us to stop praying, so don’t ever let him make you stop. It’s much better to just laugh at him. :smiley:

Evagrious the Solitary - one of the Early Desert Fathers - wrote beautifully of the demons and how they operate.

*Texts on Discrimination in respect of Passions and Thoughts

  1. Of the demons opposing us in the practice of the ascetic life, there are three groups who fight in the front line: those entrusted with the appetites of gluttony, those who suggest avaricious thoughts, and those who incite us to seek the esteem of men. All the other demons follow behind and in their turn attack those already wounded by the first three groups. * (Read More: desertfathers.blogspot.com/2011/06/evagrios-solitarytexts-on.html)

The Desert Fathers were highly spiritually trained in the discernment of spirits and such matters. Why suppose things, or suggest things that might be, when we have these great men to guide us?


Once I started praying and loving God more, I feel I was attacked with a heavy temptation rather than a hiccup. Now Im so caught up in the effects of my action that I have no energy or time to pray, Im too depressed and sorry that I ever fell for the temptation. And since the temptation lead to effects which are long lasting, I havent been able to make it to confession, pray, or even feel like doing anything good and my enthusiasm for the Church has diminished. I wish I had hiccups instead. :frowning:

Here is something worth reading:



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