What can i do? ( converting )

Its like this, i´m a 15 years old boy that always have been a Protestant, and im a member of the Protestant church. But i have never been really religious, but for a year ago i started to read alot about god and catholic faith. And i wanna become a catholic, but my parents would not be okay with it. My father would be against it, so i was wondering what can i do. Except for do my research on catholicism, could i do something so i became a catholic online? and if your under 18 does you then have to convert? i mean because i know about the RCIA but that is for adults.


I’ll pray for you and your family to accept your call from God. I am sorry,but your parents should not stop you from becoming Catholic. Give them your reasons and if they cannot accept it,then tell them Jesus also was not accepted by many. RCIA is not for adults only,but anyone from the age 7 who has not been baptized or baptized in a different Christian tradition. You may certainly join an RCIA process at your local parish. Speak to the local parish Director/Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry.

For the sake of family harmony, it is acceptable to defer your entry into the Catholic Church until you are no longer a dependent of your parents.

Welcome home (even if we have to wait a while for the official homecoming).

I agree. While you are a dependent minor you have a responsibility to obey your parents. Obviously as long as it’s not something illegal or immoral. That said, keep learning and talk openly and respectfully to your parents. You never know, they might come around to supporting your decision and may not have any objections to you participating in RCIA. In any case, once you are an adult supporting yourself, you will be free to join the Catholic Church. I will pray for you! :slight_smile:


Yes, keep learning and praying - there is no restriction on using Catholic prayers by you. , so all of them are for you.

Only one thing: if you would be participate occasionally in the Holy Eucharist, do not receive the Holy Communion.

And keep praying for your parents.

I’ll pray for you and them as well.

May God bless you :signofcross:

I agree with the others you must respect your parents wishes until you are grown. So, since you have some time on your hands use it wisely. :wink:

Educate yourself on the Catholic Church, learn its ways, and most importantly learn how to build a solid case for yourself so that when you convert you can explain it to your parents with tact and grace, and not cause any undue grief to them.

The last thing you want is to hurt them or break with them. So show them through your actions and dedication over the next few years that you’re serious, you know what you’re doing, and it really is what you want for yourself.

I’m sure your parents will respect your wishes if you behave respectably.

No, you cannot join the Catholic Church on line. You can read about the Church, and learn prayers, and pray. Right now, if your parents would object, that is about as far as you can go. Learn as much as you can, especially if you are one day going to have to discuss this with your parents. God bless you.

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