What can I do for my wife, suggestions?


My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter about three weeks ago. She is at home all day while I am work. I was looking for suggestions of something nice that I can get her and or do for her. She seems bored from being in the house all day. I make dinner every night. Thanks for the suggestions. God Bless


Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. If memory serves me right, my children got to be a handful right at about 3 weeks. Tell her to enjoy the peace, it will change. Support her like you are doing, encourage her to go out by herself from time to time(shopping etc…) if she needs a breather. After our first child was born, right at 3 weeks my wife had a mini meltdown between sleepless nights and nursing hourly, but it does get better. If you can, wake up with her in the middle of the night if the baby wakes you, and enjoy that little infant, they do grow fast. God bless…


I have 3 kids so I know how tiring it is, that’s great that you make dinner for her, make sure you clean up afterwards…:slight_smile: You could maybe do a load of laundry…those little ones make a lot of dirty clothes…:slight_smile:


Why don’t you throw her a post baby party? Seriously, invite all her friends, just have a good time with her being the center of attention?


Arrange for a friend to come over to visit or encourage her to chat on the phone with and old friend. For her, not someone to come help. Just a person to sit and talk about grown up stuff. Get her some brain candy books to read :wink:

If she is bored, I really feel for her. Some people just aren’t used to sitting all day and snuggling. LOL I had a sling for our youngest, so it made it easier to get out and about without lugging that huge seat thing in and out, lol. She can take walks, go to a park, etc., as long as the weather is nice.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. I never did this, and now I’m sorry I didn’t, lol. Even 8 years later I wish I had. When else in life will you ever get guilt free naps? :stuck_out_tongue:

HTH :slight_smile: And congrats


She has not complained at all. I can just kind of see that she is tired and bored. She loves being with the baby, but not sure what I can do for her.


Have you asked her?

mkipp you sound like such a loving a devoted husband, you’re wife is a lucky gal:).


I haven’t asked her what I can do, as I would rather do something nice without asking. If that makes any sense.


Find someone (friend, family) to take care of the baby for a couple of hours. Take her out - movie, go-carts, coffee, shopping, something adult. Allow her to tell you not just what she thinks about being home with the baby, but how she feels.

You can do the same thing if you don’t want to leave the baby. Figure out a time the baby sleeps (great part is that they do this a lot). Grab take-out and put it on your good plates and light a couple of candles. Maybe rent a movie she wants to see. If the baby fusses, you take care as much as you can.

Are there any social groups she can get involved with? My wife and I were in the same issue with our 1st. Joining the Moms group at Church was a big help - got her hooked up with other stay-at-home moms for moral and logistical support.

Oh, and hey, congratulations on the baby. You sound like a great husband and I bet you will make a good dad.


I understand the desire to do something nice without asking her what she wants, but I think you should ask. Every woman feels differently post-partum, so it’s tough to say what she might want. Some women would love to take an hour and get away; others don’t want to be away from baby! Some would love to have friends around; others would hate the crowd. Perhaps you could pick up some flowers for her, then ask what she would like. You still get credit for doing something spontaneous, but she gets what works for her too!

Congratulations to you both!


Good advice here already. I understand that you want to do something nice for her without asking her what she wants, but asking her might be a good idea too. You can do both! :wink: :smiley:

I would definitely take care of your little one when you get home from work, at least long enough for her to be able to take a shower. Just having time to take a shower without worrying about the baby is a BIG deal for a new mom, trust me. :slight_smile:


Take the baby out for a few hours, and let your wife have a few hours alone in the house to nap undisturbed, take a bath, read a book, and just recharge.



I’m one of those that didn’t want to leave my son. He was born in the fall, so a few times a week after dinner, we would put him in the stroller and take about a 30-minute walk. I really enjoyed getting the fresh air and getting time to talk with my husband after his day at work. When my son got to be about 2 months old, I would take him with me to the mall about once a week. I got started into scrapbooking about that time, so I would take him to Michaels (a craft store). If you think she’d like that, she could do that during the day. There’s also digital scrapbooking, which is done on the computer with a program like Photoshop Elements (and the supplies are purchased online).

I also like someone’s idea of getting her some flowers and then asking her what she would like to do. Maybe you could make a “coupon” for “a family evening out” and attach it to the flowers (make sure you have a vase to put them in), or “an evening out” if you think she’d like some time away from your baby.

Let us know what you decide!


The after dinner little walk with the stroller or drive in the car in the evening is what we always did. Ah, those beautiful summer evenings! It doesn’t have to be too long of a walk or a drive, just the 3 of you getting out and about for a little bit makes all the difference in the world to a woman who has been home all day caring for a baby! It’s also good for baby… babies love being out and about and seeing other faces and sights away from the house too. It is exploring their world… and it makes them very bright, very aware of their world!
By the time they are 3 months old they will spot a grandma at 20 paces and smile and coo at her across the store or the park and wrap her around their tiny fingers! “Awww…such a cute baby!” Who would think a baby would pick up on social skills so fast? Ah but they do!
Being out and about a little makes all the difference in the world…


One thing that made me feel overwhelmed when my daughter was first born was the lack of “me” time I had. That is the main way that I have to unwind and de-stress. The biggest help my husband gave me was taking our daughter when he’d get home from work so I could do whatever I wanted, whether it be napping, going out by myself for a walk or even just reading or surfing the internet. If your wife is similar, then make sure you emphasize that she should do what helps her unwind, rather than catching up on dishes or laundry or some other chore!

Oh! Another thing my husband did was to take the baby all night on Friday nights. Our situation was a bit different because I pumped exclusively so he was able to take previously-pumped milk and feed our daughter in a bottle. If your wife can pump a night’s worth of milk over a few days, that might be helpful for her. I know that I always looked forward to Friday nights and that one night of good sleep really got me through those hard weeks!

God bless you for working so hard for your wife!! And congratulations on your daughter’s birth! We have two little girls and we just love them to pieces!


FOOT RUBS. Nothing is so soothing, feels so good, and relaxes the whole body like a good, long, foot massage. Well, maybe one other thing, but at three weeks postpartum, I doubt she’s ready for that! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I love foot rubs, and my DH is really good at giving them! :smiley:

That would be a wonderful gift for your tired, stressed wife. It’s just for her, nothing to do with the baby, and feels like being served/pampered by your lover unselfishly. :thumbsup:


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