What can I do if I'm in a spiritual slump?



For about 2.5 months, I haven’t felt like going to Mass at all. My dad told me it’s because the devil wants me to stay where I’m at in life and not move on. Yesterday, I said the Divine Mercy Chaplet while watching EWTN for the first time in a long time; it made me feel great and at the same time humble.

Regarding Mass, should I force myself to go. There are a few reasons why I’m kind of “afraid” of going to Mass. For example, I have kind of developed a limp while I walk. For me, this is really embarrassing because I’m only 26 years old. Another reason is that (Due to mental illness) I have social phobia. I guess I feel like people are judging me and looking at me during Mass.

What can I do?

Thanks for reading!


I think spiritual slumps are common. It’ll pass. Regarding Mass, go anyway. Soon it’ll start feeling good again. Don’t give up. Good luck.:thumbsup:


keep going to mass. try reading scott hahn’s book The Lamb’s Supper- it will revolutionize your understanding of the mass and you’ll get more out of it. devotionals are a necessity- rosary, chaplets, and holy reading. if you get bored easily, diversify: mon wed and fri is rosary, tues thurs and sat are divine mercy, read some gospel passages using lexio divina or ignatian gospel contemplation, and try to be aware of God’s presence in daily life. don’t worry about the limp- no one judges you for that. remember that jacob got his limp from wrestling with the angel of the lord. keep going and it will all pass. devotion is one of the hardest virtues to obtain because it takes alot of patience and self denial and humility, but when the virtue does begin to blossom you will taste the nectar of grace in all of these things


Keep thinking of your souls hunger for the Eucharist. Although the liturgies in my area leave me hungering for more (obvious) tradition and reverence, the confession and the Eucharist have me barely able to wait to go to the next opportunity for them.


It is good you prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I hope you also start to pray the Rosary as you mentioned in the other thread, even just start with one decade.

By all means go to Mass. Do not be oversensitive about yourself. Keep in mind you are the image and likeness of God, you are God’s breath, the apple of His eyes.

If you truly want to make improvement for your spiritual life, you just have to take the initiative of efforts. And God’s grace will flow into your life.

God bless!


I have been having the same problem. But my problem is because I cant understand the Priest. His native language is different from mine and his accent is very thick. He also speaks Spanish, as I do, and even in Spanish I can not understand him?


Hi natedagw824,

I have social phobia too. I sit in the back when I go. If you feel you can’t go to Mass, God understands. It’s not a sin in your case. It’s so hard to get through my head, but most people who are there are indifferent toward us. They don’t even notice we’re there because they’re focused on worshiping God. It’s not like we have to give the sign of peace with everyone there :eek: . If you want, you can PM me.

Best wishes to you!

God bless,


Just remember that our Lord is right next to you the whole mass. Sitting and standing right next to you with the glorified wounds of holes in is hands and feet and a pierced side. If you feel like people are looking at your, pray that they are looking instead at Jesus. And forget about your small limp and focus on the glorified wounds of our Lord who loves you so much he would die for you. I hope that you keep going to mass as often as you can. Peace and good:) .


Good advice! …and I thought there was a lot of good advice in this thread. Do set yourself a time for prayer even if it is only five minutes at sometime convenient during the day and build on that: i.e. start small and dont ask too much of yourself.
Years ago I suffered with mild to medium severe social phobia and I would become extremely claustrophobic in company - everything would appear to be closing in on me and sounds were distorted…I took to going to Mass through the week as often as I could, which was a very quiet Mass indeed - sometimes only four people including me…once I felt comfortable there and probably after some months, I went on to Sunday Mass. I found it difficult at first and a battle, but found I soon got used to it. If I was starting to get overcome, I would simply go outside until it passed and then go back. I was also receiving therapy which is a very good move too.
But if your social phobia really gets the better of you and you don’t go to Mass, don’t stress yourself over it and it is not sinful due to your condition, although there is an obligation to do what you can about that condition if it is treatable (and you are able to seek therapy) and social phobias have a huge range from mild to severe in symptoms. A friend of mine had a severe case and in company she would start to shake all over and be unsteady on her legs. She too is now cured through therapy.

God’s Blessings on your efforts - may He grant you success…Barb


I get in these slumps once in a while and don’t want to go to Mass. But I force myself to go, and then I’m glad I did, and sooner or later the slump passes.:shrug: I suffered from a severe depression once, and could barely stand to be around people, so I can understand your anxiety, but if you can make it out the door, go. It will be a small victory for you over your illness, and one you can build on with God’s help.


I was once told by a priest in the confessional that if I knew what God did for me at every Mass I would never miss Mass again, not even daily Mass. Force yourself to go to Mass even if you don’t feel like it. God will take care of you.


“You wouldn’t worry about what people think of you, if you knew how seldom they do.” ~ Dr. Phil

Go to Mass, especially if it’s hard for you. It won’t get any easier the longer you stay away, and you definitely need the healing power of the Mass, you need Jesus in the Real Presence. Go to Him, He’s waiting for you, waiting to give Himself Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to you!

You should also think about going to confession as well, even if you have not committed any mortal sins, the healing power of the sacrament of penance can be a welcome gift to your soul.

If Sunday Mass is a bit too crowded for you, get started with a daily mass. There are much fewer people there for you to have anxiety about them judging you.

I pray with Saint Dymphna and Saint Philomena that you are able to overcome your phobias soon, so you can be with Jesus. God bless you.


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