What can I do now about my invalid marriage?

I have a question, I am Catholic and so is my wife, she was married before in a non-Catholic marriage, when we got married we got married at an embassy in South Korea, that was over 30 years ago, I’ve now been told I can’t receive communion or be resolved of my sins when I go to confession. Is all this true, there may not be any way to get the documentation for my wife since it was years ago in Korea, what do we have to do to get married by Church now, thank you for your time and assistance. :frowning:

Deaf friend,

Since your wife was a Catholic when she married a man outside of the Catholic Church, the marriage would not have been valid. Now the Church requires proof that such is the case. If the embassy has no record of the marriage, surely there must be someone who was present at the ceremony who can vouch for the fact that it took place–such as an official witness (best man or maid of honor).

You need to see your pastor about this so that you can be married in the Catholic Church. You are in my prayers. Feel free to contact me privately by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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