What can I do re: diocesan course being taught by radical feminist nun?


I’m a student in our diocesan Lay Ministry course (2yr). Our section on Christology is being taught by a feminist nun who says Karl Rahner was the greatest theologian of the 20th century (what happened to JPII?) and recommends Elizabeth Johnson (radical feminist theologian) as trustworthy reading on topic. Additonally, our book–Jesus the Christ: A New Testament Portrait by Thomas Zanzig–has no imprimatur. The adult faith formation director for the diocese says that one is not necessary because it is an “adjunct” text even though it is required reading. It borders on heretical–example: at his baptism Jesus had an “ah-ha” moment as he realized the Father’s plan for him. My pastor keeps saying “I wonder if the bishop knows all this–if he has approved it?” He hasn’t told me to write the bishop and he has not been willing to write the necessary recommendation for me to get an appointment to meet with the bishop. A student in a past offering of this course was asked to leave the course because of bringing info to class that refuted an instructor’s heterodox teachings. Apparently that was disruptive to the class! I’ve made a point to voice my questions/concerns to the director of the course and the diocesan adult faith formation director outside of the class times. I really do want to complete this course (which will be another 15 months or so) but I’d like to do so with my faith still in line with magisterial teaching. I desperately need help in how to proceed at this point. :banghead: Thank you so much!
Pax Domini.


Hi Jane,

Write the bishop. You have a right to his attention without a letter from your pastor. Let him know what is going on. If you are unable make contact, let me know.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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