What can I do to these guy

I living in country where 94% is athiestic buddhist. I try to spend gospel specially for my friend in the school only few are listen to me, Another don’t listen and what they do is
mocking God mocking Jesus mocking Mary and mocking me for believing in God.
They don’t even listen to the answer of the question which they ask by them self.
They don’t listen to case for God or case for Christianity, They make fun of God so they can laugh.
I try to prove to those who said God does not exist that he exist through many many many argument.
And all they just do is state that God does not exist and shouting at me not use any reason or logic to talk with me even after they heard argument for God. I think they just not listen. They increase to mock God. Should I stop talk with them or what can I do.

…This happen only my own class when I Go to preach another one it’s ok they use reason and talk to me civilized. I need to study on my classroom 7 hours a day I need to face them 7 hours 5 days a week so I need to know what can I do? Should I do what Jesus said in mark 6:11?

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If people won’t listen, you can’t make them. Focus on those who are willing to listen, and don’t let the others bother you. Take it as a sign that you are doing things right, since Jesus predicted specifically that people would react as they are reacting to you.


When they mock God with very bad word I try to point out why their statement is wrong just like what Jesus do to the pharisees when they mock holy spirit. After 2 hours when I point out why their statement is wrong they mock God again.

Should I response to their dumb mockery?

Just ignore them. If they have serious questions, then talk with them, but at this point just ignore them.

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Do not respond to their dumb mockery. There are countless examples in the new testament to illustrate how to deal with such people, which is to politely ignore them. Try hard to not let them get to you. And also dont make a martyr of yourself, be prudent in how you are talking to, dont seek out people you know will not respond well to what you are saying. Pray for them and focus on people you can talk to.

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Pray for them


To accept injustice without complaint is a spiritual work of mercy. Listen to our Lord:

Luke 6:22 Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE) 22 “Blessed
are you when men hate you, and when they exclude you and revile you,
and cast out your name as evil, on account of the Son of man!

So, great will be your reward in heaven. Remember also that you are only planting seeds. When these people are much older someone else will speak to them of the Lord - or they will remember your words. You are doing just as Jesus commanded you.

Look how He was treated - He could not convince people to convert and He is God, face-to-face with them! Are you a better evangelist than our Lord? Best to plant the seeds and pray. Someone else will water them.

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Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.


You should simply love them.

Love your enemies.

Thing is, Jesus was God, He knew their hearts.

We are simple people. Christ told us not to judge, but to love and be filled with light and joy.

You should be so filled with peace and happiness that your friends want to know why you are so happy.


Just ignore those who mock you. Like St Paul said: they stand self-condemned.

I don’t think that we win converts by having debates and arguments with others. What is really important is that we must live the holiness that God calls us to live. If you are not living that holiness then they are right to mock you.
I recommend that you focus more on your own life of prayer. Make the time for prayer. Then, when the time is right He will call them to you.

There is a related story from the life of St Francis. One day St Francis told one of the brothers to get ready. “Tomorrow will will go into the city and preach the Gospel.” The next day, Francis went with the brother into the city. They went to the church and prayed. They went to the market. They went here and there. All that time they said nothing. Then they went home. The brother asked St Francis, “Didn’t you say that we would go out into the city and preach the Gospel?”
St Francis replied, “Yes, preach the Gospel always. Speak only when necessary.”

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You already have tried to explain the faith with words.
Now you need to live the faith through loving-kindness.

You’re not required to convert anybody, only to explain your beliefs.

Forgive them and move on.

I think you should look at this evangelization in the long term. There was someone I went to school with who asked me for a rosary. It was around 8 or 9 years later that he was received into the Church.

If possible, it might be best to move to another country.

Like Denise said “pray for them”, they need prayers badly. Do not try to convince them if they mock.

As a follower of Christ ask him to help you be a loving, caring person…and do not bring up religion with them. We show the Lord’s goodness by how we behave with others.

You are trying to live the Gospel and to evangelize, that is great!
Unfortunately we can´t force someone to believe in something.
I would say that they know that you are a strong believer and that you want to share it with them. Answer their questions - if they have some.

You could tell them that for you, God and Jesus means a lot, and that you would appreciate if they respected it more. Just as to how they want you to respect their values and what means a lot to them as well.

Pray for them and try to be a good example of a Christian.

Read the parable of the seedsower- sometimes the good seed falls on the rocks…

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Are all Buddhists atheists? I know that some are agnostic, but I am not sure about atheism. I thought that Buddha was born Hindu and Hinduism is not atheistic. Buddhists seek some sort of spiritual enlightenment, but do not teach too much about God.

Perhaps it is best to avoid trying to spread the Christian gospel to those who who have made it clear that they will not listen. Buddhists have their own practices which they believe will help them to attain enlightenment.

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