What can I do when my wife won't marry in the Church?

I’m wanting to return to my Catholic faith. I’ve contacted the Diocese of Charleston, and have begun the process. But my wife, (who is Christian (non demoninational) refuses to get married in the Catholic Church.( we have been faithfully married 11 years)… THE QUESTION:I am older and we are beyond child bearing, is it possible to live celibate and not have the sacrement of marriage blessed by the Church? And would I after confession by able to receive the Sacrement of the Eucharist. Thank-you

Dear D,

Yes, after going to Confession if you live in a celibate way, you may receive Holy Communion. But you might explain to your wife that having your marriage convalidated need not entail a large public ceremony. The ceremony can be quite simple and private.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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