What can I do with my new found passion!?


In the last couple of years I have been soaking up all of the information I can get not only on being Catholic but also on the Christian religion as a whole. I am currently in the RCIA program and I am loving every moment of it! So here is my question! I want to study Catholism and do something with it as a profession. I am thinking about going into teaching because that is the only thing I guess I can think of. Does anyone else have any suggestion?

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Well, for starters, try teaching CCD at your parish. That might help you determine if you like teaching or not.


:bigyikes: teaching kids to start with :bigyikes:

How about joining as many Catholic Bible Studies as you can… but only those that are referred by someone you trust.


Hey - he’s probably more knowledgeable than many of us cradle catholics at this point! Why not?


If you have children and you have discerned homeschooling as something your family can do, it is a great way teach and learn the faith.
Go to daily Mass and find others with the same passion, and you’ll probably find activities they are involved in that promote the faith, or support teachings of the faith, for instance, pro-life work.
If you can volunteer to help homeschoolers, there are many ways to do so.
Visit hospitalized Catholics, and remind them of the joy of seeing a priest and receiving the Sacraments. (hint, Confession first, usually)


When I reverted a couple of years ago, my zeal was so overwhelming that I made an appointment to see my pastor. I told him I wanted to do something to spread my intense love for Christ and his Church.

He told me: “Baby-steps.” One thing at a time. So I joined the music ministry at my parish - and it kinda snowballed from there! But he was wise - he knew that deep faith took time to settle in and that my zeal could burn out after a while and I could possibly drop-out. I admit it was tempered a bit, but I’m still here - and I still love the Church.

So I guess my advise would be find one ministry or group that you can do for now and that fits your own talents…and after a while, see where else you can go from there.

God Bless!


return after RCIA as a sponsor for a newbie
volunteer for RE for children, youth or adults in your new parish, you will probably start out as an aide working with an experienced catechist, at least until your confirmation, but there is no better way to learn than to teach.

next best step after RCIA in my opinion is a bible study, even and especially for someone already well versed in scripture, esp one that examines all of salvation history in light of Catholic teaching. Scott Hahn’s Our Father’s Plan is the gold standard.


God wants us to have balance. Our faith grows if we do that. I always remembered St. Benedict’s great teaching, where he said we should properly balanace work, prayer, learning, and service in our lives. You are speaking a lot about the learning aspects of your life, how about prayer and service? Becoming intimate with Jesus Christ through the help of others less fortunate, who are also created in the image of God, will grow your faith in miraculous ways!


I second Puzzleannie’s opinion.

As an RCIA sponsor you will be around people who share your newcomer’s enthusiasm as well as more ‘seasoned’ Catholics who are just as passionate about what they believe, but probably less outwardly exuberant.

Helping with RE and bible study will teach you the substance of that which you feel so compelled to share with others. The Mass, the sacraments, the Bible, and private devotions are all means by which God shares Himself with his people.

There are all kinds of professions that support the Church in some way or another. There are clergy, teachers, theologians, administrators, lawyers, janitors, religious, artists, and accountants. Outreach programs associated with the Church require cooks, doctors, nurses, drivers, construction workers, etc.

Most Catholics are just called to support the Church as an office employee, postal carrier, parent, electrician, etc, in the secular world. In today’s everyone-should-be-involved-in-a-parish-ministry Church I think it’s important to point out how important, if uncelebrated, these ‘missionaries’ to the local community really are.


Thank you to everyone for all of the help! I love the idea of baby steps! I feel that there is still so much to learn and I guess I don’t want to go too fast too soon! First thing fist, find the right ( the people in charge of RE and CCD) and make them my new best friends! Thanks again!


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