What can I eat?


I didnt eat breakfast today and I had a fish sandwhich and fries for lunch. How much am I allowed to eat for supper?



       I would say your dinner should be something like toast and scrambled egg or a plate of buttered noodles or something like that


We are allowed one full meal and two smaller meals sufficient to maintain strength.

Sounds like fish sandwich and fries is a full meal-- that would be a “normal meal”. So, you can have two smaller meals, sufficient to maintain strength.


Can I count a snack as a meal? I screwed up and forgot and had a special k bar this afternoon. I didn’t eat anything else all day besides a big dinner. Can a snack count as one of the two small meals?

What about drinks throughout the day?


Oh man that fish sandwich and fries sound so good right now…were they from Wendy’s…let me stop…

Yes, that is my understanding as well. I had a bagel with cream cheese this morning a little water and tonight I will have my spiced up version on Top Ramen shrimp or oriental style…

God Bless you all and all kidding and such aside, isn’t it amazing how something like food or the somewhat lack thereof can change your whole being and still seem so pale so nothing in comparison of the sacrifice our Precious Lord made for us


From what I remember, the rule is that the full meal and two smaller meals, when added up, cannot equal more than two full meals.


Ya’ll stop talking about food!

I had cheese toast for breakfast, crackers and cheese for lunch…and I’m really thinking about a cheese pizza for supper…oh, and I’ve had a couple cups of coffee.

Anyway, offer it up!


It’s my understanding that drinks, including juices, milk, etc. may be consumed during the day. Fasting for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday is different than the fast before communion when the only liquids allowed are water and medicines.


As someone with a scrupulous conscience Im getting a litte worried here. This morning I had 2 pop tarts, Im sure you all know what they are. The package contains two so I had that, then I all I have had since is 3 scrambled eggs with two pieces of toast for dinner. Would the 2 pop tarts be a small meal? I thought so, but after reading somethings Im starting to doubt that. Also, are any type of drink allowed? because I had a can of soda before.


Yes, the special K bar could be considered a small meal.

Please don’t be scrupulous. Consult your priest if you have difficulty discerning what the requirements for fasting are so you will be better prepared in the future and not second guessing yourself.


Yes, the 2 pop tarts would be a small meal.

Yes, soda is Ok. There is no restriction requiring water only.

I would also suggest you get counsel from your priest if you tend towards scrupulosity.


Go to New Advent.org and read in the Encyclopedia to your hearts content.

Yes, you can drink juice or soda or tea or coffee or milk.

For the person who had pop tarts for breakfast (besides that you should not eat that kind of junk for breakfast any day), and eggs/toast - yes you could eat another small meal.

A grilled cheese sandwich?

A bowl of soup?

Some bread and honey

A pbj sandwich

Some veggies

Some beans on toast


I had a bagel with cream cheese and a small bag of chips (one of those really small one serving bags) for supper.


I had a small cup of yogart for breakfast. A small scoop of tuna with a handful of potatoe chips for lunch. For dinner I had baked fish, Rice-a-Roni and mixed vegetables. Coffee and tea during the day. I also take a diabetic medication, if I start feeling hypoglycemic before midnight, can I have a candy bar??


Think of what common sense would dictate and you’ll have your answer. Fasting/meal-skipping, even meat avoidance, is never mandated for those with age, health or other infirmity to contend with.


Of course! Your good health is paramount, and if you need to eat - be it a candy bar, meat or whatever - on Good Friday or whenever else, for health reasons, you can do so with a clear conscience.

For future, it would be a good idea to discuss your dietary needs with your doctor or whoever prior to days when you want to fast or abstain. It may be possible, with a bit of forward planning, to come up with something workable.

And I find having either a cup of milk with each meal, or more milk and less sugar than usual in the tea and coffee, helps the old blood sugar. Mind you I’m not diabetic, but I do very occasionally get hypoglycaemic attacks if I don’t eat sensibly.


I think I overate compared with most of you. What do you all think of this?

Breakfast: Can of mountain dew and a handful of m&m’s

Lunch: 4 pancakes, an orange, and a can of root beer

Dinner: 3/4 of a serving of macaroni and cheese and a glass of juice.

Opinions would be appreciated. Thanks:)



You did not “overeat”.


You can drink LIQUIDS other than water between meals??? :eek:

I coulda had a V-8!!!


I usually go by what a normal amount of food is for me - so if I normally have 2 toast for breakfast then I would have 1. Even though 2 is technically a small meal, it wouldn’t feel right for me. Ifyou normally eat eggs, bacon, toast then sure 2 toast would be fine (or two poptarts lol). For lunch, I normally skip lunch. so today I certainly skipped it too and made sure I didn’t have a snack. But then I forgot while I was baking cookies for sunday and licked the batter. I had an early dinner though because like someone else said, nothing like thinking about not eating to make you extra hungry. dinner was homemade mac and cheese. small helping.

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